• A geotechnical study has confirmed the location of a proposed DLE processing plant
  • Geophysical surveys were carried out to test the dynamic properties of subsurface materials
  • The site is strategically located on privately-owned land ~10km from the well extraction site at the Paradox


Special Report: A recently completed geotechnical engineering study has cemented the planned location of a proposed DLE plant at Anson’s Paradox lithium project.

Anson Resources (ASX:ASN) has significantly de-risked the company’s development plans following the completion of a geotechnical engineering study, which confirmed the subsurface conditions are suitable for construction of the proposed processing plant.

The study collected data on the subsurface conditions for general construction recommendations at the proposed site to help determine the processing design.

This work included site reconnaissance, subsurface exploration, acquisition of geophysical data and engineering analysis.

ASN says the study has not only confirmed the site is suitable for the construction of a processing plant but has also highlighted that – prior to the laying of foundations – general site grading should be carried out to provide proper foundational support, exterior concrete flatwork and concrete slabs-on-grade.


Anson Resources asx ASN
Plan showing boreholes, trenches and geophysical lines in the geotechnical engineering work. Pic via ASN


Proposed site near to Colorado River


Anson Resources asx ASN
Plan showing the brine pipeline from the extraction site to the proposed processing plant site. Pic via ASN


“This proposed site has been selected as it provides access to water from the Colorado River which is essential to the operation of the direct lithium extraction process,” the company says.

The preferred water extraction point is only 600m from the production location, and a water rights agreement for the project is already in place.

Access to the proposed site follows existing pipeline pathways and roads, which ASN anticipates may simplify and shorten the timeline for the Right of Way approval process.



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