The Trawalla project continues to provide further support for Suvo to become Australia’s first producer of high-quality halloysite-kaolin end user products.

The most recent drilling carried out as part of a resource estimation program being conducted at both Pittong and Trawalla returned refined clay samples with significant concentrations of up to 32.4% halloysite recorded.

This is in line with Suvo Strategic Minerals’ (ASX:SUV) previous results showing concentrations of up to 38.9% and 45.4% halloysite.

It is promising given that halloysite – an aluminosilicate clay mineral in the kaolin group that occurs as very small, hollow tubes which are 100% inorganic and biocompatible – is used in the existing ceramic, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets and also increasingly in the battery and nanotechnology sectors.

Test work and product commercialisation is being planned with independent world-class testing laboratories.

“This is another outstanding result from the drill samples from our Trawalla deposit,” executive chairman Robert Martin said.

“We are currently working with our international partners and experts to identify new market segments for Trawalla including opportunities in a number of high value industries including concrete, ceramics and battery and nanotechnology.

“Being the only operating hydrous kaolin mine in Australia will put us front and centre of these ever-expanding markets.”

Trawalla, located just 23km from the Pittong plant, has a current indicated and inferred resource of 12.7 million tonnes of kaolinized granite.


Next steps

Suvo is carrying out further test work to determine the geological and mineralogical aspects of the Trawalla halloysite clays.

Morphology, rheology, calcination and other properties of the Trawalla halloysite mineral will be tested and studied by one of the world’s leading industrial mineral laboratories in the UK.

This will not only examine traditional ceramic manufacturing aspects of halloysite-kaolin but also develop a broad range of applications of HNT (Halloysite nanotubes) nanomaterials based on the unique properties of Trawalla halloysite.

Trawalla halloysite samples will also undergo further testing and processing to be prepared into “tailormade” premium grade kaolin products based on the clay’s properties, identify the most suitable process, and products together with end-users input and technical support.

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