• Niobium explorers are soaring thanks to WA1 Resources (ASX:WA1) and its big find in WA’s remote West Arunta region
  • Krakatoa identifies a possible niobium-rare earths anomaly at the Mt Clere project in WA
  • Niobium OG Globe Metals & Mining is aiming to be the first globally significant producer in 50 years
  • CuFe has a small, early stage niobium exploration project in the West Arunta

Here are the biggest small cap resources winners in early trade, Thursday May 2.



Niobium was catapulted into investor consciousness by WA1 Resources (ASX:WA1) and its big find in WA’s remote West Arunta region.

Now everyone is looking for the critical mineral, despite its niche status.

Current global production of ferroniobium – mostly used in steelmaking, but also high-performance alloys and emerging technologies – is just under 100,000tpa from a handful of operations globally.

Still, punters love a good story.

Up top today’s winners list is small cap battler KTA, which identified a possible niobium-rare earths anomaly at the Mt Clere project in WA.

KTA says early-stage sampling and mapping has dialled in on “multiple areas of interest” for possible carbonatites, a special group of rocks known for hosting rare earths and niobium deposits.

A closer spaced soil sampling campaign is now underway.



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The niobium OG has been plugging away at its Kanyika project in Malawi since 2006.

Originally a uranium project, the focus at Kanyika rapidly shifted to monetising its niobium bounty, with multiple studies completed over the last decade and half.

The 68.3Mt project remains undeveloped, but GBE must be hoping niobium’s fresh popularity can push it across the finish line as the first globally significant producer in 50 years.

Next up is construction of a pilot plant (a smaller version of the real thing) pencilled in for Q2 this year.

This will inform a feasibility study update and help lock in offtake deals.

All going well, GBE reckons first production from a low cost (US$30m capex), 313 tonnes per annum Phase 1 niobium oxide operation will hit the market Q4 next year.

Phase 2 production will then ramp up to 3155tpa at a cost of US$250m.



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More niobium exposure from this ‘jack of all trades’ resources stock, which owns a small iron ore business in the Pilbara as well as exploration ground across the great state of WA.

In mid 2023 CUF picked up a small­ niobium exploration project in the red-hot West Arunta region, home to +12,000% rocket WA1.

Late last week CUF said a geophysical review had identified nine target areas with potential to represent carbonatite intrusive niobium and rare earths.

Once it gets permission from Traditional Owners to get on the ground — which is a designated Aboriginal reserve — CUF says it will do some soil and rock sampling to dial in on potential drill targets.