The Western Channel has emerged as a preliminary target area at the Orroroo uranium project in South Australia following the completion of a gravity survey.

Norfolk Metals (ASX:NFL) engaged Atlast Geophysics to conduct the gravity survey on 250m x 250m offset grid totalling up to 2,253 planned survey points in an effort to delineate the paleochannels within the Walloway Basin.

With data collected over 1,596 stations, the company says two passive seismic line surveys were also carried out to determine the likely paleochannel and basin depths.

What the gravity data shows is two distinct lows with paleochannel potentials existing within the basin; displayed as a broader Western Channel and a narrower Eastern Channel.

Geological logs and cross sections of available drill hole data suggest that the Western channel is a paleochannel characterised by a thick basal sandstone and coal horizon, displaying similarities to the Yarramba paleochannel which is host to Boss Energy’s (ASX:BOE) Honeymoon uranium deposit.

Encouraging results with data modelling to take place

NFL executive chairman Ben Phillips says the company is excited to confirm the Western Channel (paleochannel) as a preliminary targeted area for further exploration in the Walloway Basin.

“The continuity between historical drill logs, uranium confirmation via recent downhole geophysical programs and the latest data via gravity survey is very encouraging,” he adds.

“The next stage of proposed drill targets will involve additional data modelling and stakeholder engagement along with all required permitting procedures.”

Next steps

Norfolk Metals will continue to assess the new data along with all available historical data to ascertain a preferred approach to drill test the above model.

The proposed drill program will also involve consultation with all necessary stakeholders within the Orroroo region.

The process of accessing land to conduct mineral exploration is an ongoing process and the Company wished to note the data from the recent gravity survey may be beneficial to both mineral exploration and agriculture.




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