Norfolk has confirmed uranium occurrences at three targets in South Australia’s underexplored Walloway Basin, paving the way for a potential greenfields discovery.

A downhole geophysical survey, which included the review of Spectral Gamma and Promt Fission Neutron (PFN) well logs, returned a peak uranium reading of 650ppm pU3O8 within an interval of 192ppm pU3O8 over 0.5m from 112.59m in well 7P3.

The results are significant and demonstrate the potential for Norfolk Metals (ASX:NFL) to unlock a new uranium province in South Australia, where it has first mover advantage.

Well 7P3 is one of five exploration wells drilled by the oil and gas industry (Linc Energy in 2009) and overlooked by the minerals industry, despite the gamma peaks exhibiting geometries consistent with roll-front, sandstone hosted uranium occurrences like Boss Energy’s (ASX:BOE) Honeymoon uranium mine.

Depths of confirmed uranium occurrences at 100-113m are potentially suitable for proven in-situ recovery methods, the company says, while confirmed uranium occurrences are 5km apart with the remainder of the basin untested for uranium.

‘Cannot understate the implications’

“We cannot understate the implications this has for the potential of a greenfields discovery,” Norfolks Metals executive chairman Ben Phillips says.

 “Typically, sandstone uranium mineralisation is hosted in flat and planar tabular bodies close to surface, and as a consequence, the best discoveries typically occur early in the life cycle of defining a new fertile sedimentary basin.

“We look forward to working with our stakeholders to accelerate our exploration efforts, leveraging modern geophysics for rapid delineation of potential paleochannels followed by high-impact drilling.”

What’s next?

Norfolk plans to accelerate exploration to a campaign of geophysics and roadside drilling to rapidly follow up on these initial results and target potential roll-front style uranium mineralisation.

The geological team are working to contract the most suitable geophysical method to delineate the paleo channels within the Walloway basin.

Current geophysical considerations include but are not limited to gravity, passive seismic and ground penetrating radar.

Once defined; the paleo channels will enable a maiden drill program to be executed with a focus on quickly accessible and cheaper roadside drilling in the early stages.




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