MTM Critical Metals has initiated preliminary metallurgical test work to characterise the Rare Earth Elements (REEs) identified within clays at its Pt Kidman prospect, part of the East Laverton project in WA.

The company has identified several zones of shallow, laterally continuous clay-hosted REE mineralisation at Pt Kidman through recent aircore drilling programs and expects the metallurgical work to help direct informed decisions on the potential economic viability of the mineralisation.

The work involves undertaking industry-standard leach tests under different reagent schemes to:

  • Characterise the REEs by host phase (ion exchange, colloidal, or mineral);
  • Determine the REE recoveries; and
  • Outline a preliminary process flowsheet if favourable results are obtained.

Determining economically viable leaching conditions

The company aims to determine what fraction of the REEs are ‘ionic’ (recoverable by ionic desorption leach) and how temperature, acid concentration and pH influence recovery.

“Conducting metallurgical testing on the rare earth element mineralisation at Pt Kidman is imperative for understanding the future of the project’s development and for the exploration strategy over the whole East Laverton project,” MTM Critical Metals (ASX:MTM) MD Lachlan Reynolds said.

“MTM has discovered district-scale development of REE-enriched clays at East Laverton and metallurgical testing of the clay is now appropriate to assess the leaching characteristics of the mineralisation, which may vary from place to place within the overall project area.

“The key test will be to determine the ionic desorption potential of the REE mineralisation. MTM wants to ensure that the leaching conditions that are required to extract the REE’s are potentially economically viable.”

The leaching test work will be conducted on 4 composite samples selected from the aircore drill holes and is anticipated to be completed during June 2023.

Final leach test assay results are expected in July 2023.



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