Miramar has its sights set on a rare earth elements placer target in Western Australia characterised by a large coastal embayment north of the Gascoyne River mouth.

The new exploration licence applications have the potential to contain heavy mineral sands that host REEs as the Gascoyne River drains a very large catchment area of about 71,000km2 that contains several significant bedrock REE discoveries.

Miramar Resources (ASX:M2R) noted that a series of parallel historical shorelines can be seen at the new project, which is significant as heavy mineral strandlines are formed along current and historical coastlines as a result of wave action.

That the local geological setting is analogous to the Coburn mineral sands project near Shark Bay and other heavy mineral sands projects along Australia’s west coast just adds to its prospectivity.

“There are a number of significant heavy mineral sands deposits hosting rare earth minerals along the West Australian coastline and the Gascoyne River catchment contains multiple significant bedrock rare earth discoveries,” executive chairman Allan Kelly said.

“It makes sense that the most obvious place to go looking for a REE placer deposit is directly downstream from the most prospective rare earth province in Australia.”


Miramar ASX M2R Applications
Location of REE deposits located within the Gascoyne River catchment area. Pic: Supplied


New licences

While previous heavy mineral sands exploration at the new licence applications have identified REE-bearing heavy minerals such as monazite and xenotime, no systemic REE-focused work has ever been completed.

As such, the company plans to carry out systematic surface sampling and shallow auger and/or aircore drilling to test for accumulations of heavy mineral sands, including REE-bearing heavy minerals once the licences are granted.




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