Special report: MinRex Resources is off to a good start at its East Pilbara projects in Western Australia with rock sampling returning high-grade gold and copper.

Rock sampling at the Daltons project area delivered grades of up to 163 grams per tonne (g/t) of gold and 8.17 per cent copper, with the average grade of all 60 samples being 9.9 g/t gold and 0.49 per cent copper.

Anything over 5 g/t gold and above 1.5 per cent copper is considered high-grade.

Meanwhile, rock sampling at the Marble Bar North project area returned grades of up to 42.9 g/t gold, with the average grade of all 40 samples being 4.86 g/t.

Similarly, rock samples taken from the Marble Bar South project area returned grades of up to 47.6 g/t, with the average grade of all 40 samples being 4.16 g/t.

At the Bamboo Creek project, 50 rock samples returned grades of up to 7.8 g/t gold, 42 g/t silver, 14.3 per cent copper, 0.18 per cent chrome, 0.11 per cent nickel, 0.12 per cent lead and 0.09 per cent zinc.

The results of the rock sampling will be used to determine targets for further exploration and detailed evaluation later this year.

Rich history of gold mining

MinRex’s East Pilbara projects are located near Marble Bar in Western Australia.

A previous field trip recovered gold nuggets from the Marble Bar North project and a single nugget at the Daltons project.

The Ironclad gold mine forms part of the Marble Bar group of gold mines, which contain a total of 29 gold occurrences, with a historic gold production of about 1298kg, within a strike extent of about 4km.

The Ironclad mine was worked from the 1890s until 1933 and produced 1451 ounces of gold from 2843 tonnes of ore treated – a sizeable proportion of this production was from the area now covered by the Marble Bar North project.

Marble Bar South, meanwhile, has a line of old workings running along a 30 to 40m high ridge of greenstone rocks. The old mine was known as McKays Find and the mineralisation occurs as a 2m-wide zone.

Views of the Nobb Well and BC07 prospect areas and close-up of fluorite-rich sulphide mineralisation from BC07, in the Bamboo Creek project, MinRex Resources
Views of the Nobb Well and BC07 prospect areas and close-up of fluorite-rich sulphide mineralisation from BC07 at the Bamboo Creek project.

The Daltons gold workings can be traced for about 1.5km, with the main quartz lode marked by workings for about 700m.

Recorded production was 5.543kg of gold from 409.5 tonnes of ore at an average grade of 13.54 g/t.

While there are no old workings at the Bamboo Creek project, it is large – several times the size of all MinRex’s other East Pilbara projects combined.

MinRex will undertake further site visits to all four projects followed by more detailed rock sampling, soil sampling and detailed geological mapping.

The work is expected to be completed over the next few months.


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