The Gold Coast is gearing up for its 2023 Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ) Breakfast next week on the 22nd of June – which falls the day before International Women In Engineering Day.

The Investing in Women in Resources breakfast is now a fixed part of the program for the annual Gold Coast Investment Showcase by Vertical Events, where over 50 resources companies will be showcased.

And this year’s keynote speaker is not to be missed, with none other than Lynas Rare Earths (ASX:LYC) CEO Amanda Lacaze set to address an audience including girls from local schools such as St Hilda’s School and St Michael’s, who are passionate to play a part in the future of the resources sector.

As a Queensland woman leading the industry, there’s no one better suited to inspire young girls to jump into the industry – especially in the key areas such as rare earths and critical minerals needed for the energy transition.

Encouraging girls to consider mining careers

Ahead of her speech next week, Lacaze said she wants to encourage more school age girls to consider careers in mining – no matter where their talents lie.

Making Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects engaging for young people, especially girls, is important to build a pipeline of future engineers, metallurgists, geologists, environmental scientists, electricians and the like,” she said.

“Primary schools are key as young people have often made choices about the subjects they are interested in by the time they reach high school.”

But providing opportunities for practical activities can also expand girls’ understanding of opportunities in the industry.

“Working in mining is not just in the degree-qualified areas – some of our best young apprentices are women,” Lacaze added.

“Resources companies also offer great careers in operations, IT, finance, law, marketing, community relations and human resources.”

Playing a role in the energy transition

Lacaze added that if young girls want to contribute to the energy transition, rare earths is a great industry to join.

“At Lynas, we pride ourselves on being an ethical and responsible producer of the rare earths needed for technologies like electric vehicles and wind turbines,” she said.

“Rare Earths are critical inputs to global megatrends that will shape economies and consumer behaviour over the next decade.

“These trends include sustainable mobility, automation and renewable energy. Market demand is accelerating as consumers choose greener technologies.

“The people working at Lynas are passionate about making a difference and being a part of the transition.”

Mentoring, sponsorship and buddy systems

Lacaze also noted the role of mentorship, sponsorship and workplace buddy programs play for women in resources careers – something she has benefited from herself.

“At Lynas we believe that a ‘buddy’ is important,” she said.

“Even as we increase our proportion of women in our workforce, women are still in a minority and having a buddy who truly understands your challenges can make a big difference.”

“Mentoring is a great opportunity for reflection and can be helpful as you consider your career options.

“However, in my opinion the most important relationship you can develop is with a career sponsor.

“Sponsors advocate for you, sponsors recommend you and sponsors will coach you.

“Men tend to be much better at cultivating sponsors than women and sometimes that can be the difference in making the next step in your career.”

Diversity delivers better outcomes

Diversity is one of Lynas’ core values with around 25% women currently in the company and a future goal of 30%.

We truly believe that diversity delivers better outcomes, and this includes bringing expertise and experience from other industries,” Lacaze said.

“We offer training and development and have many people in our operations who have chosen to make a move to Lynas from other industries.”

She also added as a final piece of advice, that you should choose your employer wisely when looking for a career in the resources sector.

“If your employer’s values are consistent with yours, you will be happier at work and you will perform better,” Lacaze said.

“Ensure you have the skills necessary to be successful in your role.

“While it’s not your employer’s role to manage your career, if you are a valuable and contributing team member then you will find most employers will provide you with great support.”

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