Voltaic Strategic Resources has received the first batch of assays from the maiden drill program at the Andrada prospect at its Ti Tree project where a combined 2.6km of strike was tested at shallow depths every ~300m across two prospective LCT trends.

To date, 31 holes have been completed for 2,393m and 34 individual pegmatite intercepts encountered.

The drilling has confirmed the Andrada pegmatites are conformable to the classic Lithium-Caesium-Tantalum (LCT) ‘Goldilocks’ model with zonation and fractionation increasing outward from parental granite source.

The company says these encouraging pegmatite widths with LCT anomalism indicate the prospect may represent the outer halo of a larger mineralised system at depth.

“Voltaic is just at the beginning of the exploration journey at Ti Tree with 400+ pegmatites yet to be tested and only a small fraction of the tenure explored,” Voltaic Strategic Resources (ASX:VSR) CEO Michael Walshe said.


A wealth of insights for future exploration

Walshe said drilling to date had provided a wealth of vectoring insights for subsequent exploration campaigns and work is now underway to fast-track the next phase of drilling.

“The tenor of mineralisation encountered is highly encouraging in the context of vectoring to prime parts within LCT pegmatite systems where fractionation and complexity of zonation result in highly variable compositions over short distances,” he said.

“We have observed several encouraging indicators including:

  • A progressive enrichment in LCT grades at shallow depths and over substantial widths;
  • Tantalum increasing radially outward to the north/northeast towards Morpheus;
  • A predominance of albite as the dominant feldspar within the pegmatites;
  • Zones of extreme fractionation and zonation with very coarse crystal sizes;
  • Occurrence of typical LCT accessory minerals including beryl, muscovite, and tourmaline.

“Drilling has confirmed that the pegmatites at Andrada are conformable to the classic LCT ‘Goldilocks’ model with fractionation increasing outward in a northeast direction towards the Morpheus and Akira prospect areas.

“Field reconnaissance is ongoing at both prospects right now to identify our next generation of drill targets which we hope to test this quarter.”


Fast tracking follow up drilling

The company believes the number of targets at the project is likely to increase as exploration continues, and their prioritisation will be enhanced as geophysical and photogrammetry surveys are completed over the coming weeks.

Planning is underway for systematic and extensive follow-up drill programs across northern and southern tenements with Morpheus and Akira target trends next in sequence.

In addition, regional wide-spaced pXRF soil sampling campaigns are now underway to identify new drill targets at the ‘priority 1’ Morpheus and Akira prospects which are interpreted to reside in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone – focusing on highly prospective meta-sedimentary schists with anomalous lithium and abundant tourmaline alteration.

The remaining ~50% of assays from the latest drilling are expected in the next two weeks.



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