Individual pegmatite outcrops, up to 40m wide and strike over 200m, have been spotted across the 2,400km2 Mt Clere project, where no previous lithium exploration and limited REE work has been undertaken.

Krakatoa’s (ASX:KTA) Mt Clere project contains one of the largest clay-hosted REE resources in Western Australia, with a mineral resource estimate of 101Mt at 840ppm TREO.

Most of the project area remains underexplored, with ~80% of the landholding yet to be investigated.

An extensive reconnaissance mapping, soil/rock sampling program and stream sampling expansion survey has been ongoing over the northern area, targeting anomalies which are typically elevated in rare earth elements (REEs).

Previously hard to enter and conduct intense exploration work programs of this scale, this area contains REE stream geochemical anomalies originally delineated by BHP through abundance presence of monazite in pan concentrates with grades exceeding 50%.

Nine main cluster areas

But during this latest field, KTA field crews have spotted various pegmatite outcrops ranging from 1m up to 40m wide, and greater than 200m strike extensions, and the company believes more pegmatite clusters will be found along the way.

Exploration geologist mapping a large pegmatite outcrop within the DEW area of interest. Pic: Supplied (KTA).

At this stage, nine main cluster areas have been identified – two around the Lucys Bore area and the others within the DEW area of interest, where the outcrops are largely composed of quartz, feldspar and mica minerals, while several pegmatites contain other minerals such as tourmaline.

All the pegmatites tend to contain medium to coarse grained minerals, with the mica ranging from massive (5cm books) to evenly distributed within the quartz and feldspar mineral pegmatite mass.

Meanwhile, the pegmatite outcrops within the Lucys pegmatite fields have been described by the field geologists as coarse grained bodies consisting of feldspar, muscovite minerals and quartz, with common tourmaline.

In the right neighbourhood

The northwestern margins of the Yilgarn Craton, where KTA’s Mt Clere project is located, has been a major hotspot for REE, lithium, gold and metal discoveries in recent times.

Mt Clere is a proverbial stones throw from key players and projects in the region including Hastings’ (ASX:HAS) Yangibana deposit, Delta Lithium’s (ASX:DLI) Yinnetharra, Kingfisher Mining’s (ASX:KFM) Mick Well, and Reach Resources (ASX:RR1) Morrissey Hill.

The geochemical analytical work and any results will be reported to the market in due course.

Regional map showing recent important discoveries and location of Krakatoa Resources Mt Clere project and known REE occurrences. Pic: Supplied (KTA).

The company also continues to aggressively explore the King Tamba lithium project where high grade rocks chips of up to 4.3% LiO2 have been recently reported.




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