Infinity Lithium’s wholly owned subsidiary, Infinity Greentech, has made a significant stride in the development of its Greentech RPK lithium chemical conversion process after signing an agreement with Western Australia’s Murdoch University.

The first stage of the advanced test work under the agreement will build on prior bench scale test work results, which confirmed recoverability of lithium in solution from Run-Of-Mine (ROM) feedstock between 60% to 70% lithium from open-circuit direct processing without optimisation.

Infinity Lithium’s (ASX:INF) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Murdoch will initially focus on low-grade lithium bearing materials such as lithium micas, including lepidolite and lithium hectorite clays before moving to investigate the process on other lithium containing materials.

Eventually, the company plans to conduct test work using the GreenTech RPK process on spodumene bearing ores and concentrates once in-house R&D facilities are operational.

Benefits of Greentech RPK process

Not only is the GreenTech RPK process expected to be readily scalable, but INF says it has the potential to address traditional barriers to the integration of lithium resources and chemical conversion projects on-site.

It also comes with many environmental benefits including the potential use of renewable energies and with comparatively short processing residence times, and minimal energy consumption compared to traditional lithium chemical conversion processes.

Reagents are also readily available, low cost, non-toxic, recoverable, and recyclable.

Accelerating development

Infinity GreenTech chief technology officer Jon Starink commented: “Securing access to Murdoch’s specialised research facilities provides an ideal framework and partnership to accelerate the development of the company’s GreenTech RPK process for the San José ore”.

“The company has mapped out a comprehensive program to evaluate the GreenTech RPK process for a wide range of lithium and non-lithium containing materials,”

“Crucially, Infinity GreenTech will secure all intellectual property rights in relation to the GreenTech RPK process over a wide range of potential commercial applications.”

Next steps

The bespoke bench scale and pilot scale equipment ordered by Infinity GreenTech will facilitate the investigation of a broader range of conditions under continuous operation at larger scale.

Once installed and operational, this equipment will further accelerate the pace of bench scale R&D as well as permitting upscaled activities and progression to pilot plant test work.

Infinity GreenTech has received design registration confirmation from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety in advance of delivery of the equipment, forecast for Q3.

The company’s Technical Advisory Committee, led by Infinity CTO Jon Starink and Dr David Maree, will oversee the project and collaborate with Murdoch’s Mineralogy, Isotope Geochemistry and Extractive Metallurgy team through access to Murdoch’s cutting-edge research facilities.

Infinity GreenTech will retain all rights to Foreground Intellectual Property under the agreement which follows the successful lodgement of provisional patent applications.




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