Spanish-focused Infinity Lithium (ASX:INF) has a new expert executive director, officially appointing Ramón Jiménez to the Infinity board.

Jiménez’s ascent to the board represents a real injection of Spanish experience and reflects the company’s commitment to building a truly community-based company.

Jiménez was appointed CEO of INF’s wholly-owned Spanish subsidiary Extremadura New Energies back in March.

The news comes at a critical time for INF and its highly prospective interests on the ground in Spain.

On his appointment, Jiménez said “It is an honour for me to be part of an emblematic project such as San José, a project that in recent months has made great strides in terms of its acceptance by local and regional representatives and the local community.

“These advancements are representative of the current situation where the many different  administrative pathways on offer to securing a Investigation Permit Valdeflorez (PIV) and to exploration are a reference for both Spain and Europe,” he added.

Infinity chairman Adrian Byass said that whilst Jiménez continues to serve in the role of CEO for Extremadura New Energies, his prior success and the experience gained both globally and in-country in similar situations “is evident in the progress” of San José in 2022.

“His exceptional leadership and commitment to the project and successful engagement with key stakeholders highlight the progress the company is making to facilitate the development at San José,” Byass added.

INF reaffirms backing of downstream processing

In looking to get the project rolling, both local and regional government representatives have urged INF to get going with the technical presentation of the San José underground mineral extraction and integrated lithium processing plant.

The strategic importance of the project to the region is known, as Jiménez describes “San José is a world class and large-scale integrated lithium project built on the foundations of a very significant hard rock lithium resource.”

Jiménez says INF welcomes the progressive decree-law approved by the Regional Government last week, requiring all lithium mineral resource projects to incorporate downstream lithium mineral processing in Extremadura.

“The progressive vision of the government ensures the feedstock at San José is aligned to the strategic interests of the region through an integrated facility that has become the blueprint for all lithium projects in Extremadura.” Said Jiménez.

Alongside the City Council of Cáceres and the Regional Government of Extremadura, INF is committed to the requirement for an environmentally sustainable lithium extraction and conversion project that will benefit Cáceres and Extremadura, Byass and Jiménez said.

The company’s move to an underground mineral extraction project, alignment of the project to the vast renewable energy potential in Cáceres and the adoption of a sulphate roast conversion process, are all in direct response to local stakeholder engagement, they added. 

Permitting update

Jiménez’s key appointment comes as Infinity makes critical progress in its move to have its   PIV reinstated – basically the official nod to get back on the ground looking for lithium.

INF has provided details of the available legal pathways to advance the lodgement of the Exploitation Concession following the final determination of the Contentious-Administrative Court in Cáceres.

The proceedings were paused during Spain’s August interim and have already started again this month.

INF says the matter could be settled before Christmas, and whilst the company remains confident of a favourable decision, other courses of action are in the pipeline pending the final outcome.

Alternate routes

The Junta of Extremadura and the Regional Ministry of Ecological Transition have said there’s still a number of legal avenues available to secure the Valdeflores lithium resource under Spanish mining law. 

In the event that the PIV is reinstated, the company will begin prepping the technical presentation of the project and an Indirect Exploitation Concession Application can then be lodged.

The Regional Ministry of Ecological Transition, in an earlier statement, said that INF’s wholly-owned Extremadura New Energies has alternative avenues to progress towards the lodgement of an exploitation concession.

“(The company) can directly request permission to exploit lithium from Valdeflores in Cáceres, regardless of whether the extraction is underground or in the open, if it considers that the rational use of the deposit is viable,” the ministry previously noted.

The San José Joint Venture, Tecnologia Extremeña Del Litio (“TEL”) maintains successive rights for the application of Exploration Permit Extremadura to allow for this route to be contemplated.




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