An initial program of geochemical testwork has been conducted with University of Tasmania’s (UTAS) Centre of Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences (CODES) and confirmed Mt Gilmore hosts key geochemical characteristics to large porphyry copper-gold deposits. 

A second phase study, titled “Enhanced geochemical targeting at the Mt Gilmore Cu-Au-Co trend” is currently underway and designed to expand on the first phase studies as well as deliver more precise targeting from which drilling can be planned.

Corazon Mining (ASX:CZN) says it is this second phase study that has been awarded an Australian Government Innovation Connections Grant to assist CODES with completing the geochemical studies.

Funding was awarded on a co-funding basis, with CODES receiving a total of $100,000, including $50,000 from the Government grant and $50,000 provided by CZN.

This work is a new campaign of mineral geochemical studies, utilising tools developed by the UTAS and expected to contribute targets for exploration drilling in 2023.

Work to date highlights new areas

Impressive initial results from the CODES/UTAS studies have highlighted both the Gordonbrook Hill and May Queen areas at Mt Gilmore.

Gordonbrook Hill displays both a large porphyry copper deposit and skarn style signature, while the May Queen prospect has a strong skarn signature, trending to a porphyry system and notably into the “giant” porphyry copper deposit category.

CZN says the size and complexity of the soil geochemical anomalies within Mt Gilmore has made effective drill targeting difficult to date – hence the commencement of the more detailed second phase work.

What’s next?

Detailed mineral geochemical analysis is also being undertaken over a much broader area – to date roughly 55 sites have been sampled so far, covering the area from Cobalt Ridge to May Queen.

Additional samples will be collected throughout the study.

The initial focus for this mineral geochemical vectoring analysis by CODES/UTAS will be the Gordonbrook Hill prospect, where a mineralised porphyry was identified in surface mapping/sampling



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