American Rare Earths is sitting on an even larger project at Halleck Creek in Wyoming after 118 sample results prompted the company to stake claims across an additional 1,191ha.

The growth brings the Halleck Creek Rare Earth Project to 2,449ha. With its additional projects in Arizona and Nevada, American Rare Earths (ASX:ARR) now has 5260ha under exploration, giving the Australian-based company potentially one of the largest suites of rare earths projects in North America.

Managing Director and CEO Chris Gibbs commented: “We are delighted with the results of this fieldwork. The Rare Earth Elements (REE) mineralisation occurs over wider areas than initially anticipated at Halleck Creek.

“By staking the additional claims, American Rare Earths can evaluate the larger region. Our core drilling is progressing very well, and we are enthusiastically awaiting the results of that work.”

Magnet mountain

The mapping done across Halleck Creek has allowed company geologists to better understand the rare earth element (REE) bearing rock types and their extent, particularly within the Red Mountain Pluton (RMP). The Wyoming project’s REEs occur in allanite, containing the full suite of naturally occurring REEs, notably the high value magnet REEs neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium (Nd, Pr, Dy and Tb).

More specifically, the Halleck Creek allanite is associated with clinopyroxene quartz monzonite (CQM) rocks which generally contain the highest REE grades, reflected in the table below.

American Rare Earths
The latest TREO sample summary for Halleck Creek.

The results closely follow the start of a nine-hole diamond core drill campaign over about 825m with a target of 308-385 million tonnes. Expected to be completed soon, the campaign will provide initial mineralization and fresh rock material for additional analysis, with assays expected in June.

The maiden drill program at Halleck Creek comes hot on the heels of drilling commencing in the southwest zone of the company’s flagship La Paz project. That campaign is targeting a further 700 to 900 million tonnes at the 170.6 million tonne JORC compliant total resource in Arizona.

Meanwhile American Rare Earths is partnering with top-tier US government supported R&D programs aiming to develop more sustainable processing and refining at a time when Washington is seeking to build a domestic US supply chain of critical minerals.




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