• Cost-saving EM data has been discovered for Mundowdna
  • Data covers the same two licences of interest to Adavale Resources
  • 400,000 extra data points provide strong indications of a paleochannel system


Special Report: Scores of further historical electromagnetic (EM) survey data for exploration licences which form part of the Mundowdna uranium project have been discovered by Adavale Resources, potentially saving the company significant amounts of time and early-phase exploration costs.

The flight data covers the EL6821 and EL6957 (Mundowdna and Mundowdna South) licences in South Australia, where an extensive series of covered palaeochannels have been interpreted – a key metric in the hunt for significant uranium mineralisation.

In a boon for the junior, EL6821 and EL6957 are the same two licences that Adavale Resources (ASX:ADD) recently engaged native title holders and landholders regarding ground exploration permissions.


Research into Mundowdna pays dividends

The historical Mundowdna EM dataset was obtained from the South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG) data portal after it was discovered in a previous company’s report.

The original survey dataset was acquired by Geosolutions in 2007 using their REPTEM system and is additional to the 2010 Frome survey that Geoscience Australia carried out as well as high-res imagery from European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellite – both of which ADD has used to identify areas of uranium potential.

The new helicopter data adds a further layer to this, as it was flown low to the ground and picked up a whopping 400,000 survey data points and have provided a clearer picture of the prospective paleochannel.

A ground-based exploration program is now pegged for April this year.


Adavale Resources ASX ADD
The newly interpreted channels from historic helicopter EM data. Pic: Supplied (ADD)


‘Major time and significant cost saving’

“The acquisition and processing of the Mundowdna historical EM data is an important step in our first phase of exploration on this ground,” ADD executive director David Riekie says.

“The data was a significant find as EM coverage was one of the techniques that Adavale would have otherwise needed to fund as part of assessing Mundowdna.

“It has provided a major time and significant cost saving.

“The imagery from this data confirms the geological model in that there is a significant palaeochannel system within our licence package.

“This is timely with our upcoming works program and also means that this processed data can be used for future exploration and expansion of targets on our licence package.”



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