ASX Small Cap Winners Jul 27-Aug 3

Texas-focused oil and gas junior Winchester Energy (ASX:WEL) leapt 169 per cent this week after telling investors it would “aggressively pursue” potential partners to help with drilling via a farm-out agreement due in the September quarter.

A farm-out usually involves a written agreement under which an owner sells an interest in a mining tenement in exchange for exploration work.

Winchester hopes drilling could start “prior to the end of the [September] quarter”.

Winchester reported negative operating cashflow of $US359,000 leaving $US1.1 million in the bank and plans to spend $US430,000 this quarter.

The shares hit 4.5c after the announcement and closed the week at 3.5c.

Home security provider Scout Security (ASX:SCT) shot ahead 68 per cent this week after snagging a deal on Wednesday to distribute its products through US security giant Black and Decker.

Stanley — which is listed in New York with a $US23 billion market cap — is the world’s second biggest home security company with 500,000 buildings under its protection.

Stanley will pay Scout an upfront fee of $US300,000.

Scout, which is valued at $15 million, expects the five-year deal “to start materially contributing to Scout revenue starting in the March 2019 quarter”.

The stock jumped 68 per cent for the week to close at 29.5c on Friday.

Constellation Resources (ASX:CR1) made a stellar ASX debut on Monday after completing a $7 million initial public offering.

The stock (ASX:CR1) spiked 70 per cent on day one compared to its 20c issue price.

By the week’s end it was up 60 per cent at 32c.

Constellation was spun out of Apollo Minerals (ASX:AON) earlier this year with its Fraser Range nickel, copper and gold projects.

The Fraser Range region in Western Australia shot to fame back in 2012 when Sirius Resources uncovered the Nova-Bollinger nickel, copper and cobalt mine that eventually sold to larger rival Independence Group (ASX:IGO) for $1.8 billion.

Acrux (ASX:ACR) moved ahead 60 per cent to 24c for the week after Wednesday’s announcement that it had submitted the first of its new crop of generic drugs for US approval .

It’s coming up to a year since the drug-maker was forced into the generic drugs market after the US shut the door on its flagship testosterone product.

Acrux confirmed it had lodged its first new drug application with the FDA for a generic version of Jublia, an antifungal agent with annual revenues of around $US280 million.

Acrux has as many as 13 generic drugs in the pipeline.

Resource Generation (ASX:RES) rose 55 per cent to 6.2c for the week after finalising a contract to build a plant that can process 15 million tons of raw coal per year at its South African mine.

ResGen is developing the “Boikarabelo” coal mine in South Africa’s Waterberg region. The Waterberg accounts for some 40 per cent of the country’s known coal resources.

Todd River Resources (ASX:TRT) climbed 46 per cent to 12c this week after unveiling spectacular drilling results, providing evidence it’s made a high-grade base metals discovery in the Northern Territory.

Todd River said the latest hole at its Mount Hardy copper and zinc project returned 13.5m grading 15.9% zinc, 5.75% lead and 0.9% copper.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for Jul 27-Aug 3:

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ASX code Company This week's price change Price Jul 27 Market Cap
WEL WINCHESTER ENERG 1.69230769231 0.035 8.6M
APG AUSTPAC RES 1 0.002 4.0M
SMM SUMMIT RESOURCES 0.818181818182 0.2 42.5M
SCT SCOUT SECURITY 0.685714285714 0.295 25.9M
THD THRED 0.666666666667 0.005 7.2M
RMP RED EMPEROR RESO 0.608695652174 0.037 15.7M
BLA BLUE SKY ALT 0.603448275862 2.79 179.1M
NVO NVOI 0.6 0.008 2.9M
CR1 CONSTELLATION 0.6 0.32 10.9M
ACR ACRUX 0.6 0.24 30.0M
GWR GWR GROUP 0.5 0.165 37.9M
TMK TAMASKA OIL & GAS 0.5 0.003 3.9M
LKO LAKES OIL 0.5 0.003 71.9M
EGY ENERGY TECH 0.5 0.006 1.4M
TRT TODD RIVER RES 0.463414634146 0.12 7.7M
GSS GENETIC SIGNATUR 0.414634146341 0.58 48.8M
OAR OAKDALE RESOURCES 0.411764705882 0.024 1.4M
OVL ORO VERDE 0.4 0.007 12.4M
DW8 DAWINE 0.4 0.007 4.1M
ALT ANALYTICA 0.4 0.007 23.4M
IBX IMAGION BIOSYSTE 0.384615384615 0.09 13.9M
CAG CAPE RANGE 0.360248447205 2.19 183.2M
AXP AIRXPANDERS 0.354166666667 0.13 28.5M
MCA MURRAY COD AUST 0.35 0.135 53.0M
WGL WANGLE TECH 0.333333333333 0.004 6.2M
MNB MINBOS RESOURCES 0.333333333333 0.004 17.0M
KGM KALNORTH GOLD 0.333333333333 0.008 5.4M
ENR ENCOUNTER RES 0.333333333333 0.072 16.0M
CCZ CASTILLO COPPER 0.32 0.033 18.6M
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ASX Small Cap Losers Jul 27-Aug 3

Plastic pallet maker Range International (ASX:RAN) lost 26 per cent this week after announcing it had “become aware of potential inconsistencies with production and operation processes” at its factory in Indonesia.

The shares dropped more than 30 per cent to an intraday low of 3.9c after the announcement on Thursday.

Range brought in advisory group FTI Consulting “to assist in an investigation into these matters”.

It could have been worse though.

The shares recovered to 4.8c on Friday after Range issued a clarification, telling investors the inconsistencies concerned “raw material pricing and supplier agreements as well as some inconsistencies in the company’s inventories which warrants an independent external review”.

Range said it had $US5 million in the bank with no debt — and said it would update the market “at the end of the FTI work”.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for Jul 27-Aug 3:

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ASX code Company This week's price change Price Jul 27 Market Cap
EUZ EUROPA METALS -0.5 0.001 4.8M
BPH BPH ENERGY -0.5 0.001 966.2k
OXX OCTANEX -0.458333333333 0.013 6.5M
MNC METMINCO -0.454545454545 0.006 5.5M
PLC PLC FINANCIAL -0.4375 0.009 1.2M
AHZ ADMEDUS -0.413043478261 0.135 38.3M
NAG NAGAMBIE RES -0.34375 0.105 40.7M
CRO CIRRALTO -0.340909090909 0.029 9.6M
VMG VDM GROUP -0.333333333333 0.002 11.8M
VAR VARISCAN MINES -0.333333333333 0.002 3.7M
T3D 333D -0.333333333333 0.002 1.8M
SXX SOUTHERN CROSS -0.333333333333 0.006 7.5M
MHC MANHATTAN CORP -0.333333333333 0.02 20.0M
DDT DATADOT TECH -0.333333333333 0.002 2.0M
BUD BUDDY PLATFORM -0.311111111111 0.093 91.1M
TNP TRIPLE ENERGY -0.30303030303 0.023 1.4M
RBR RBR GROUP -0.3 0.007 4.9M
BHL BOYUAN -0.277777777778 0.325 111.5M
TAR TARUGA MINERALS -0.27027027027 0.135 19.1M
NMS NEPTUNE MARINE -0.262626262626 0.365 22.4M
RAN RANGE INT -0.261538461538 0.048 7.8M
OGX ORINOCO GOLD -0.261538461538 0.048 47.5M
LCY LEGACY IRON ORE -0.25 0.003 5.9M
IDO INDO MINES -0.25 0.003 1.6M
IBN IBUYNEW GROUP -0.25 0.003 6.5M
AYR ALLOY RESOURCES -0.25 0.006 8.7M
GMR GOLDEN RIM RES -0.242424242424 0.025 8.3M
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