ASX small cap winners January 7-11

Berkeley Energia (ASX:BKY) was the week’s biggest winner, all thanks to Friday news — an insider now says the uranium hopeful is about to snag a crucial endorsement from Spain’s nuclear watchdog for its contentious Salamanca uranium project.

The speculation lit a rocket under Berkeley’s share price, which is skyrocketed 114 per cent to 38.5c, after opening on Monday at 18c.

The Reuters source said the watchdog, CSN, is going to approve two studies next week which examined Salamanca’s potential radiation effects on the general environment, among other safety concerns.

Pursuit Minerals (ASX:PUR) fell just short of a three-figure percentage rise this week, but only just: it rose 96 per cent to 5.3c on the back of some outrageously good vanadium grades.

Testing on 11 historical drill holes confirmed exceptionally high-grade vanadium magnetite concentrates, with the majority ranging between 2 and 2.6 per cent V2O5 – placing the Koitelainen concentrate amongst the world’s very best.

Intervals in three of the holes recorded magnetite concentrate values of 3.6, 3.3 and 3.1 per cent V2O5.

 Peninsula Mines (ASX:PSM) share price up 50 per cent to 0.6c.

The graphite explorer has signed an MoU with Tera Technos Co, which specialises in the production of high performance carbon composite silica oxide anode materials — a modified and enhanced version of spherical graphite.

Shares in Environmental Group (ASX:EGL) rose 63 per cent to 5.7c, after news early in the week that it was picking up gear in the RCR Tomlinson fire sale, following the latter’s descent into voluntary administration in November last year.

Environmental Group, which runs a gas turbine engineering company, and water and air pollution divisions, is buying RCR’s energy assets including the original Tomlinson Boilers arm, which handles maintenance and installation of renewable- and conventionally-fired generators and water heaters.

Avita Medical (ASX:AVH) jumped 38 per cent to 11c this week following news it was launching its RECELL device in the United States.

The RECELL System uses a small amount of a patient’s own skin to prepare Spray-On Skin Cells at the point of care in as little as 30 minutes, providing a new way to treat thermal burns, the company says.

The mention of wildly popular video game Fortnite was enough to send eSports Mogul (ASX:ESH) shares up 29 per cent this week to 1.8c.

eSports Mogul reckons that by adding Fortnite and other console games to the lineup they’ll attract a new kind of gamer to their big competition in February.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for January 7-11:

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ASX codeCompany Price Dec 14Last priceOne-week price changeMarket Cap
BKY BERKELEY ENERGIA LTD0.180.385114% $59,435,548
PUR PURSUIT MINERALS LTD0.0270.05396% $8,997,777
AHL AHALIFE HOLDINGS LTD0.0080.01588% $8,068,328
KGM KALNORTH GOLD MINES LTD0.0040.00775% $6,259,681
AQS AQUIS ENTERTAINMENT LTD0.0320.05572% $7,775,924
SCN SCORPION MINERALS LTD0.0130.02269% $4,071,564
EGL ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP LTD/THE0.0350.05763% $11,964,244
VP7 VELOCITY PROPERTY GROUP LTD0.0310.0561% $18,096,074
E2E EON NRG LTD0.010.01660% $4,063,892
B2Y BOUNTY MINING LTD0.0970.15560% $53,921,048
MAU MAGNETIC RESOURCES NL0.1250.19556% $36,285,604
IHR INTELLIHR HOLDINGS LTD0.090.13550% $9,483,012
THD THRED LTD0.0020.00350% $4,473,477
TPD TALON PETROLEUM LTD0.0020.00350% $2,520,246
PSM PENINSULA MINES LTD0.0040.00650% $4,314,361
ORM ORION METALS LTD0.0040.00650% $2,670,585
NSE NEW STANDARD ENERGY LTD0.0020.00350% $1,576,120
IBX IMAGION BIOSYSTEMS LTD0.0270.0448% $13,555,199
TAR TARUGA MINERALS LTD0.0450.06647% $9,175,870
CM1 COOLGARDIE MINERALS LTD0.050.07346% $6,801,689
ARS ALT RESOURCES LTD0.020.02945% $6,083,602
TSL TITANIUM SANDS LTD0.0090.01344% $7,392,443
RCP REDBANK COPPER LTD0.0210.0343% $2,456,410
CAV CARNAVALE RESOURCES LTD0.0050.00740% $3,339,998
FEL FE LTD0.0130.01838% $4,857,164
AVH AVITA MEDICAL LTD0.080.1138% $181,766,784
PNN PEPINNINI LITHIUM LTD0.0040.005538% $3,603,372
DSE DROPSUITE LTD0.0280.03836% $12,486,427
HAW HAWTHORN RESOURCES LTD0.0410.05534% $13,391,240


ASX small cap losers January 7-11

Argent Minerals (ASX:ARD) is readying to fight a federal government decision to make it pay back $1.4m in research and development rebates it received in the 2016 and 2017 financial years.

The junior explorer told investors today that AusIndustry – part of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – had issued “negative findings” for the R&D claims following a review.

This means Argent may ultimately be required to repay up to $1.4m plus penalties and interest. It fell 32 per cent this week.

One-time tungsten miner Top Tung (ASX:TTW) fell 25 per cent this week, falling to 1.8c.

The company had a few odds and ends announcements out, including a change of name and ASX code on Friday to Chase Mining and CML to better reflect its focus on Canadian battery metals.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for January 7-11:

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ASX codeCompany Price Dec 14Last priceOne-week price changeMarket Cap
QTG Q TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD0.020.004-80% $184,869
LHB LIONHUB GROUP LTD0.040.01-75% $8,263,498
TMK TAMASKA OIL & GAS LTD0.0020.001-50% $1,960,000
MAR MALACHITE RESOURCES LTD0.0020.001-50% $2,775,647
CLY CLANCY EXPLORATION LTD0.0020.001-50% $7,008,776
AU1 AGENCY GROUP AUSTRALIA LTD0.270.14-48% $9,846,618
SVA SIMAVITA LTD-CDI0.0290.019-34% $7,937,785
XST XSTATE RESOURCES LTD0.0030.002-33% $2,280,982
NWE NORWEST ENERGY NL0.0030.002-33% $6,764,186
LKO LAKES OIL NL0.00150.001-33% $67,420,048
HT8 HARRIS TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD0.0150.01-33% $2,170,025
CGM COUGAR METALS NL0.0030.002-33% $1,955,605
AYM AUSTRALIA UNITED MINING LTD0.0030.002-33% $3,685,155
ARD ARGENT MINERALS LTD0.0190.013-32% $6,069,757
1AG ALTERRA LTD0.0460.032-30% $4,280,400
SPB SOUTH PACIFIC RESOURCES LTD0.0070.005-29% $662,061
HOR HORSESHOE METALS LTD0.0140.01-29% $1,946,522
ODM ODIN METALS LTD0.1250.09-28% $13,834,740
RAW RAWSON OIL AND GAS LTD0.0150.011-27% $1,240,297
FND FINDERS RESOURCES LTD0.2250.165-27% $130,146,352
BEE BROO LTD0.0470.035-26% $24,111,746
WEL WINCHESTER ENERGY LTD0.0240.018-25% $5,132,679
TTW TOPTUNG LTD0.0240.018-25% $3,725,315
PGY PILOT ENERGY LTD0.020.015-25% $1,192,060
VAL VALOR RESOURCES LTD0.0040.003-25% $5,679,577
OVL ORO VERDE LTD0.0040.003-25% $4,667,036
MLS METALS AUSTRALIA LTD0.0040.003-25% $7,025,394
LRM LUSTRUM MINERALS LTD0.120.09-25% $3,046,631
GPP GREENPOWER ENERGY LTD0.0040.003-25% $4,696,111
ARO ASTRO RESOURCES NL0.0040.003-25% $3,816,292