ASX small cap winners: May 31-June 07

On Tuesday, Predictive Discovery (ASX: PDI) led the market from post-to-post after announcing a gold discovery at its Ferkessedougou North project in Cote D’Ivoire.

Predictive unveiled thick, high grade gold intercepts in a body up to 100m wide and at least 210m long. It remains open to the south and at depth, the company says.

Significant intersections included 9m at 10.31g/t gold, inside a larger 45.3m intersection grading 3.16g/t.

Pyrite-mineralised gold-bearing altered granite from Ferkessedougou North.

The Predictive share price rose as much as 200 per cent, before closing the week up 78 per cent. Major Predictive shareholder Aurora Minerals (ASX:ARM) also went along for the ride, up 112 per cent for the week.

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Security tech company Kollakorn Limited (ASX: KKL) says it has successfully proven its biometric authentication technology works in real life.

The company achieved ‘proof of concept’ for its CertainID tech after CSIRO subsidiary Data61 successfully integrated it with a separate iris-scanning system. The stock was up 60 per cent for the week, reaching its highest point since early 2018.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for May 31-June 07:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket Cap
ADDADAVALE RESOURCES 0.0030.009200 $997,737.06
NTI NEUROTECH INTERNATIONAL 0.0120.025117 $3,529,340.50
ARM AURORA MINERALS 0.0080.017112 $2,811,198.75
AHN ATHENA RESOURCES 0.0130.02485 $6,502,822.00
PDI PREDICTIVE DISCOVERY 0.0090.01978 $4,722,273.00
KKL KOLLAKORN0.010.01660 $3,356,435.00
NES NELSON RESOURCES 0.050.07958 $3,601,834.75
ANL AMANI GOLD 0.0020.002550 $15,639,682.00
AVW AVIRA RESOURCES 0.0020.00350 $3,000,000.00
RNX RENEGADE EXPLORATION 0.0020.00350 $2,137,880.00
BLK BLACKHAM RESOURCES 0.0070.0143 $31,042,176.00
DTM DART MINING0.0060.00740 $7,079,633.00
K2F K2FLY 0.1150.1639 $12,056,663.00
VMG VDM GROUP 0.0020.00233 $12,555,322.00
GPP GREENPOWER ENERGY 0.00150.00233 $3,886,414.25
NOR NORWOOD SYSTEMS 0.0030.00433 $8,306,041.00
OVL ORO VERDE 0.0020.00233 $3,111,357.00
RXH REWARDLE0.0030.00433 $2,105,286.00
SMI SANTANA MINERALS 0.0030.00433 $2,700,798.00
EHX EHR RESOURCES 0.030.0433 $5,066,719.50
FPL FREMONT PETROLEUM0.010.01130 $21,688,360.00
RAN RANGE INTERNATIONAL 0.0240.03129 $6,232,704.50
BMG BMG RESOURCES 0.0110.01427 $7,808,253.50
NVA NOVA MINERALS 0.0150.01927 $14,708,549.00
ABV ADVANCED BRAKING TECHNOLOGY0.0150.01927 $5,643,946.00
HFR HIGHFIELD RESOURCES 0.730.9526 $303,163,008.00
LKE LAKE RESOURCES0.080.125 $40,328,600.00
CY5 CYGNUS GOLD 0.040.0525 $3,034,167.00
SHH SHREE MINERALS 0.0060.00825 $4,558,026.50
GBZ GBM RESOURCES 0.0040.00525 $5,452,985.00


ASX small cap losers: May 31-June 07

It’s been a rough week for fledgling WA  gold producers. On June 3 the troubled 1.3 million ounce  Dalgaranga gold operation forced Gascoyne Resources (ASX:GCY) went into administration.

The miner, which poured first gold from Dalgaranga mid-2018, was struggling with lower-than-expected grades from the already low-grade project.

A few days later Dacian Gold (ASX:DCN), which had only declared commercial production at its Mount Morgan operation in January, was forced to announce its second production downgrade in three months.

The Western Australian miner blamed underground contractor performance issues and lower than expected grades, as well as a ball mill failure which forced Dacian to suspended production for three days.

The market responded violently, sending the stock down 72 per cent from 1.58c to 43c.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for May 31-June 7:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket Cap
TMZ THOMSON RESOURCES 0.0350.026-26 $2,933,169.00
IPD IMPEDIMED 0.1550.12-26 $43,677,460.00
AZY ANTIPA MINERALS 0.0190.0155-26 $29,068,656.00
ADR ADHERIUM 0.0340.025-26 $4,356,848.50
WHK WHITEHAWK 0.1450.11-28 $16,413,515.00
LMW LANDMARK WHITE 0.270.18-28 $15,324,140.00
EER EAST ENERGY RESOURCES 0.0070.005-29 $16,004,935.00
JPR JUPITER ENERGY 0.0240.017-29 $2,607,420.75
RIE RIEDEL RESOURCES 0.010.007-30 $2,926,488.00
AAU ADCORP AUSTRALIA 0.010.007-30 $3,185,522.00
MOY MILLENNIUM MINERALS 0.1050.075-30 $65,056,616.00
AIY AUTHORISED INVESTMENT FUND0.0590.043-31 $17,302,712.00
RMG RMG 0.0160.011-31 $6,774,513.50
CTM CENTAURUS METALS 0.0090.0065-33 $16,253,893.00
SPB SOUTH PACIFIC RESOURCES 0.0040.002-33 $331,030.63
DTR DATELINE RESOURCES 0.0030.002-33 $15,938,908.00
TSC TWENTY SEVEN CO 0.0030.0025-33 $1,962,122.63
GGX GAS2GRID 0.0030.002-33 $3,457,227.25
VPR VOLT POWER GROUP 0.00150.001-33 $8,244,533.50
MYQ MYFIZIQ 0.250.016-36 $14,526,169.00
ARD ARGENT MINERALS 0.0160.011-38 $5,395,613.50
VAR VARISCAN MINES 0.0020.001-50 $1,271,073.63
AKN AUKING MINING 0.0020.001-50 $932,584.44
COY COPPERMOLY 0.010.005-50 $8,615,217.00
SUR SUN RESOURCES0.0020.001-50 $881,057.56
DCN DACIAN GOLD 1.580.043-72 $99,313,896.00