Popular markets commentator Bhavdip Sanghavi, who posted on Twitter as Bhavdip143, has vowed to keep posting his views on stocks and shares trading after being banned from Twitter.

Fed up with baiting from trolls, the sophisticated investor responded with some ripe language that resulted in Twitter administrators suspending his account this week.

The action by Twitter triggered some freedom of speech concerns among the share trading fraternity in Australia.

“There is no hidden agenda in my Twitter posts. I am just giving my personal views,” said the private investor who worked as a stockbroker in India.

Sanghavi said he received a notice from Twitter telling him the reason for his account’s suspension was an alleged infringement of Twitter’s rulebook relating to hateful comment.

“I had a lot of trolls on Twitter. I have strong views and some people don’t like this,” he said.

Twitter asked to overturn its ban

Some complaints were made to Twitter about his tweets, and after Sanghavi told his complainers in colourful language to un-follow him, Twitter issued him with a ban.

His suspension from Twitter is permanent and he was warned not to return to the platform under a different username or profile.

“If I ever come back, I will return as myself,” he said.

Sanghavi has lodged an appeal with Twitter to overturn its ban, and he is waiting for Twitter’s reply.

It is not the first time that Sanghavi has had some trouble with Twitter’s administrators.

A couple of months ago his account on the platform was suspended for comments on presidential election candidate Joe Biden which had upset some readers.

In the meantime, he continues to post his views on other bulletin boards for share trading.

Bhavdip143 continues to post on Hot Copper

This includes Hot Copper under his user name, Bhavdip143, and he has a Trading View membership.

“The only platform I am active on is Hot Copper,” he said.

Sanghavi started investing in Australian markets four years ago, and his success has won him sophisticated investor status. To qualify for this requires a cash pile of $2.5m.

“I started from scratch in 2016, and all my investments have been in ASX shares,” he said.

The size of his portfolio has reached $4.3m and he has a wide circle of friends among stockbrokers, other sophisticated investors, and share traders.

Sanghavi has specialised in new company listings on the ASX via IPOs, and in 2020 he has invested in all five of the largest gaining IPOs.

“People said they have made a bit of money out of my share tips. I’m most popular for my views on new IPOs,” he said.

And this year he has invested in ASX company IPOs such as Atomo Diagnostics (ASX:AT1), Noronex (ASX:NRX) and Siren Gold (ASX:SNG).

Added to this Sanghavi is one of the top 15 shareholders in Miramar Resources (ASX:M2R).

Sanghavi had built up a network of 10,000 followers on Twitter who enjoyed his share trading tips and observations on the stock market.

Reaction to his ban from Twitter has ranged from shock to dismay and his Twitter followers suggested reading his updates on other bulletin boards.

“It is with great sadness that one of my favourite investors and friend Bhavdip143 has been removed from Twitter,” said user StarDestr0yer:

On Hot Copper, Bhavdip143 has commented on a range of ASX companies, including his latest posts on Cashrewards (ASX:CRW), Doctor Care Anywhere Group (ASX:DOC), and Pursuit Minerals (ASX:PUR).

Stockhead has contacted Twitter for comment and was waiting for the company to respond.

A Twitter user posting under the name of Bhagdip143 is not Sanghavi and he wanted to make this clear to avoid any confusion.