Want to know where fund managers are putting their money? We’ve been keeping track so you don’t have to.

Trading Places is Stockhead’s recap of the substantial holder movements among ASX small caps over the last fortnight.

Substantial shareholders are those holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares — these can be directors, individual investors, or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold, as well as any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Resource Development Group RDG $126.5M Reid Investments 5.49% Becoming
Resource Development Group RDG $126.5M Andrew Ellison 5.49% Becoming
Mint Payments MNW $10.0M UIL 16.01% Increasing
SciDev SDV $98.1M AustralianSuper 6.59% Becoming
Talon Petroleum TPD $5.3M Nero Resource Fund 13.51% Becoming
BWX BWX $544.1M Paradice Investment Management 6.78% Increasing
Emeco Holdings EHL $383.3M Paradice Investment Management 5.24% Becoming
S2 Resources S2R $40.3M Paradice Investment Management 6.45% Becoming
Mineral Commodities MRC $109.2M Zurich Pay Holdings 16.92% Increasing
Pacific Star Network PNW $66.9M Viburnum Funds 23.79% Increasing
S2 Resources S2R $40.3M Merian Global Investors 14.93% Increasing
Priminence Energy PRM $924K GTT Global Opportunities 15.73% Becoming
RBR Group RBR $8.2M Athol Emerton 11.27% Increasing
A-Cap Energy ACB $12.2M MM Asset Management 5.02% Becoming
EMVision Medical Devices EMV $119.7M Scott Kirkland 5.34% Increasing
Greenvale Energy GRV $6.7M Gun Capital Management 18.67% Increasing
Greenvale Energy GRV $6.7M Monarch Asset Management 6.89% Increasing
Centaurus Metals CTM $122.9M Dundee Corporation 5.17% Becoming
Micro-X MX1 $62.5M Perennial Value Management 6.37% Increasing
Vault Intelligence VLT $66.6M Pie Funds Management 6.24% Increasing
Angel Seafood AS1 $13.9M Thorney Opportunities 11.00% Increasing
Vintage Energy VEN $27.7M Acorn Capital 5.64% Becoming
Aldoro Resources ARN $8.3M Pioneer Development Fund 9.55% Becoming
Australian Strategic Minerals ASM $116.1M Ian Gandel 24.76% Becoming
CardieX CDX $29.3M Paul Cozzi 14.22% Increasing
Salmat SLM $133.8M Samuel Terry Asset Management 11.70% Increasing
Identitii ID8 $9.5M KTM Ventures Innovation Fund 8.56% Increasing
Middle Island Resources MDI $56.5M Twynam Investments 6.85% Increasing
Emeco Holdings EHL $353.7M Paradice Investment Management 6.88% Increasing
The Reject Shop TRS $238.5M Wilson Asset Management 5.34% Becoming
Adairs ADH $405.8M Wilson Asset Management 7.21% Increasing
Prominence Energy PRM $1.7M Ian McCubbing 7.37% Becoming
Yowie YOW $7.0M Keybridge Capital 24.21% Increasing
Smiles Inclusive SIL $5.2M Phi Long Investment 16.42% Increasing
5G Networks 5GN $156.0M JD Management Group 21.00% Increasing
Freehill Mining FHS $82.6M Gavin Ross 5.98% Becoming
New Zealand Coastal Seafoods NZS $26.2M Cyan Investment Management 5.03% Becoming
Bard1 Life Sciences BD1 $74.2M Merchant Funds Management 13.29% Increasing
YPB YPB $10.7M John Houston 30.83% Increasing
Dacian Gold DCN $203.1M Perennial Value Management 5.05% Becoming
Marenica Energy MEY $11.3M Chris Retzos 10.46% Increasing
Kinetiko KKO $40.8M Brendan Gore 17.17% Increasing
AF Legal Group AFL $13.8M Moat Investments 5.03% Becoming
Emetals EMT $9.0M Venus Metals 9.10% Increasing
Advanced Braking Technology ABV $13.3M Keith Knowles 22.33% Increasing
Electro Optic Systems EOS $827.5M Regal Funds Management 5.26% Increasing
Firefly Resources FFR $12.4M Kevin Puil 8.20% Becoming
GetSwift GSW $176.6M Fidelity 8.37% Increasing
AIC Mines A1M $20.1M Josef El-Raghy 18.62% Increasing
Navarre Minerals NML $67.8m VBS Exchange 8.25% Increasing
Redflow RFX $30.0M Simon Hackett 10.79% Increasing
GTN GTN $67.8M Viburnum Funds 23.89% Increasing
Capricorn Metals CMM $704.8M Paradice Investment Management 9.94% Increasing
Capricorn Metals CMM $704.8M Eley Griffiths 6.45% Increasing
BWX BWX $564.5M Eley Griffiths 5.04% Becoming
ISelect ISU $59.0M Forager Funds Management 11.04% Increasing
Powerwrap PWL $56.6M Paremium 18.89% Increasing
Jadar Resources JDR $21.5M Valens International 10.01% Becoming
National Tyre & Wheel NTD $56.5M Tyres4U 9.30% Becoming
Village Roadshow VRL $410.0M BGH 39.92% Becoming
Base Resources BSE $251.9M Sustianable Capital 23.66% Increasing
Terragen Holdings TGH $44.8M One Funds MAnagement 7.73% Increasing
Middle Island Resources MDI $55.0M Regal Funds Management 6.96% Becoming
Baby Bunting BBN $459.2M United Super 5.05% Becoming
Alt Resources ARS $32.6M Harvest Lane Asset Management 9.85% Increasing
Tempus Resources TMR $26.1M Sprott 5.12% Becoming
Saturn Metals STN $79.2M Sprott 7.26% Becoming
Adriatic Metals ADT $467.0M Sprott 5.24% Becoming
Centaurus Metals CTM $172.4M Sprott 5.94% Becoming
iSelect ISU $59.0M Thorney Opportunities 15.07% Increasing
Castile Resources CDT $51.9M Merchant Funds Management 5.98% Becoming
NSX NSX $23.2M Nickolas Karantzis 19.22% Increasing
Estrella Resources ESR $6.4M Jason Peterson 5.01% Becoming
Accelerate Resources AX8 $6.3M Syrcause Capital 7.44% Becoming
Nustrana Resources NUS $73.6M Federation Mining 13.31% Becoming
AHA Life AHL $4.0M Alex Waislitz 11.69% Increasing
Uniti Group UWL $852.7M Ausbil Asset Management 5.30% Becoming
AIC Mines A1M $22.0M Gold Elegant Investment 5.97% Becoming
Greenvale Energy GRV $9.7M Neil Biddle 11.68% Becoming
Victory Mines VIC $3.6M Davide Bosio 8.80% Becoming
Consolidated Financial Holdings CWL $14.6M DMX Asset Management 10.80% Increasing
Knosys KNO $11.6M Bombora Investment Management 6.20% Increasing
Ariadne Australia ARA $82.4M Kayaal 7.10% Increasing
Indiana Resources IDA $9.7M Bronwyn Barnes 5.90% Increasing
Krakatoa Resources KTA $21.4M Helmsdale Investments 5.75% Becoming
Mint Payments MNW $13.1M Doborani 22.04% Increasing
HSC Technology HSC $13.4M Russell Acquisitions 5.68% Increasing
Pearl Global PG1 $9.2M ROC Alternative Investment 22.45% Increasing
Piedmont Lithium PLL $43.1M Fidelity 8.87% Increasing
Greenvale Energy GRV $9.7M Tony Leibowitz 6.45% Becoming
Mint Payments MNW $12.1M Perennial Value Management 11.59% Increasing
4D Medical 4DX $434.2M Perennial Value Management 5.49% Becoming
Vitalharvest VTH $146.2M Salt Funds Management 7.29% Increasing
Peel Mining PEX $72.9M Hampton Hill 16.12% Increasing
Tuas TUA $287.6M Regal Funds Management 5.10% Becoming
Piedmont Lithium PLL $43.1M AustralianSuper 12.72% Increasing
Finbar Group FRI $179.6M Westoz Funds Management 8.50% Increasing
Mint Payents MNW $12.1M TAAJ Corporation 15.33% Increasing
Surefire Resources SRN $5.0M Jason Peterson 6.27% Becoming
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Canadian billionaire investor Eric Sprott has poured more cash into four junior explorers in the past fortnight.

Sprott’s investment vehicle, Sprott Group, has surpassed the 5 per cent threshold in WA gold explorer Saturn Metals (ASX:STN)Adriatic Metals (ASX:ADT) –which is a base metals play with projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North and South America-focused copper hopeful Tempus Resources (ASX:TMR) and Centaurus Metals (ASX:CTM), which has nickel and iron ore projects in Brazil.

Other substantial resources buys include Merchant’s 5.98 per cent stake in Castile Resources (ASX:CST), one of the few gold IPOs in 2020.

Among non-resources transactions, Regal Funds Management now has a 5.1 per cent stake in Singaporean telco Tuas (ASX:TUA). This was spun off from TPG prior to its acquisition by Vodafone.

Ausbil Asset Management, typically a name associated with larger caps, bought into telco Uniti (ASX:UWL). Uniti was last year’s most successful IPO and after more than halving earlier in the year has been on the way back up since the end of March.

Insurance comparison website iSelect (ASX:ISU) saw both Forager Funds Management and Alex Waislitz’s Thorney Opportunities top up their respective stakes, which are collectively over a quarter of the company.

Dean Fergie’s Cyan Investment Management crossed the threshold in New Zealand-based fish bladder seller New Zealand Coastal Seafoods (ASX:NZS), which has soared from 0.9c to over 6c in the last month off the back of new export deals.

Wilson Asset Management’s plays included retail stocks The Reject Shop (ASX:TRS) and Adairs (ASX:ADH).



Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Lithium Power International LPI $48.7M Regal Funds Management 11.37% Decreasing
Alto Metals AME $26.1M Harvest Lane Asset Management 11.91% Decreasing
Matrix Composites & Engineering MCE $16.9M Allan Gray 8% Decreasing
Damstra Holdings DTC $234.3M Regal Funds Management 7.61% Decreasing
Infigen Energy IFN $897.9M Vinva Investment Management 0.00% Ceasing
Bellevue Gold BGL $823.8M Tolga Kumova 4.71% Ceasing
Focus Minerals FML $78.6M Neil S Subin 10.86% Decreasing
Impact Minerals IPT $33.7M Wyloo Metals 4.56% Ceasing
Emeco Holdings EHL $374.1M Perennial Value Management 0.02% Ceasing
Marley Spoon MMM $584.2M Perennial Value Management 9.30% Decreasing
Maggie Beer MBH $48.7M Perennial Value Management 12.36% Decreasing
Magnis Energy Technologies MNS $148.9M AL Capital 4.99% Ceasing
Decmil Group DCG $69.5M Criddle Family 2.12% Ceasing
Kingwest Resources KWR $20.7M 1832 Asset Management 6.99% Decreasing
Quickstep Holdings QHL $60.6M Regal Funds Management 4.41% Ceasing
Lifestyle Communities LIC $893.9M Cooper Investors 5.09% Decreasing
Neurotech NTI $2.5M S J Dobson 4.04% Ceasing
McPhersons MCP $296.1M Pie Funds Management 6.22% Decreasing
Wisr WZR $240.8M Adcock Private Equity 19.72% Decreasing
MNF Group MNF $462.0M Naos Asset Management 6.64% Decreasing
Pureprofile PPL $2.9M EFM Global Growth Fund 4.99% Ceasing
Globl Energy Ventures GEV $23.2M Regal Funds Management 0.00% Ceasing
3P Learning 3PL $150.6M Smallco Investment Management 0.00% Ceasing
Webcentral WCG $12.8M Keybridge Capital 9.24% Decreasing
Accelerate Resources AX8 $6.0M GTT Global Opportunities 0.00% Ceasing
Marley Spoon MMM $578.9M Pie Funds Management 4.99% Ceasing
Keytone Dairy KTD $56.5M Vivienne Cheung 9.10% Decreasing
Retail Food Group RFG $133.4M Regal Funds Management 13.01% Decreasing
Keytone Dairy KTD $56.5M James Gong 4.87% Ceasing
Genetic Signatures GSS $355.1M Karst Peak Capital 11.17% Decreasing
Aurelia Minerals AMI $511.3M Perennial Value Management 5.41% Decreasing
Swick Mining Services SWK $51.3M Perennial Value Management 13.58% Decreasing
Metals X MLX $75.3M Argyle Street Management 12.08% Decreasing
Australian Ethical Investment AEF $543.9M IOOF 0.00% Ceasing
Life360 360 $598.6M Regal Funds Management 8.70% Decreasing
Visioneering Technologies VTI $15.5M Regal Funds Management 8.87% Decreasing
Estrella Resources ESR $7.3M Apollo Phoenix Resources 7.60% Decreasing
Estrella Resources ESR $7.3M Douglas Daws 10.75% Decreasing
Maggie Beer MBH $60.1M Perennial Value Management 8.50% Decreasing
AML3D AL3 $34.4M Perennial Value Management 7.97% Decreasing
Dacian Gold DCN $194.7M Perennial Value Management 4.94% Ceasing
Hexagon Energy Materials HXG $17.8M Tribeca Investment Partners 11.07% Decreasing
New Age Exploration NAE $9.8M Kairos Minerals 8.61% Ceasing
Yowie YOW $7.9M Trojan Retirement Fund 0 Ceasing
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This week’s most notable sale was IOOF completely selling its entire stake in Australian Ethical Investment (ASX:AEF). IOOF banked $74.5m from the sale.

IOOF told its shareholders the proceeds would reduce its debt and “provide strategic flexibility for growth opportunities”. But it stressed it was not walking away from providing its clients with access to ethical investment options.