Trading Places is Stockhead’s weekly recap of substantial holder movements among ASX small caps, and fund managers feature prominently in this week’s edition.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Cooper Energy COE $894.7M Pendal Group 5.21% Becoming
Superloop SLC $320.1M Perennial Value Management 7.65% Increasing
Gage Roads Brewing GRB $78.0M Perennial Value Management 10.06% Increasing
PTB Group PTB $61.4M Asir and Nek Private 14.62% Increasing
GTN GTN $183.0M Viburnum Funds 22.00% Increasing
Technology Metals TMT $12.3M Chris Retzos 6.69% Increasing
Terragen Holdings TGH $33.6M One Funds Management 6.73% Increasing
Energy Resources of Australia ERA $554.3M Packer & Co Ltd 6.94% Becoming
8common 8CO $13.7M Kah Wui Lim 14.50% Increasing
National Veterinary Care NVL $246.4M Lakeville Capital Management 5.34% Becoming
BSA BSA $168.5M Naos Asset Management 22.94% Increasing
Experience Co EXP $116.7M Naos Asset Management 13.66% Increasing
Mosaic Brands MOZ $165.6M Perpetual 10.26% Increasing
SmartGroup SIQ $925.5M Ethical Partners Funds Management 5.33% Becoming
Aurora Labs A3D $16.6M Equities First Holdings 7.69% Becoming
Sigma Healthcare SIG $630.3M Allan Gray 10.38% Increasing
Straker Translations STG $62.7M Perennial Value Management 6.15% Increasing
Tinybeans TNY $63.5M Thorney Opportunities 6.78% Becoming
MyFiziq MYQ $25.0M The Rain Maker 9.80% Increasing
Blackearth Minerals BEM $4.8M Lithium Australia 10.65% Increasing
Norwood Systems NOR $14.2M Apsec Funds Management 9.30% Increasing
CFOAM CFO $14.2M William Rouse 6.68% Becoming
UCW UCW $28.2M Viburnum Funds 10.84% Increasing
Cazaly Resources CAZ $7.6M Anthony Ramage 5.35% Becoming
RPMGlobal RUL $249.7M Forager Funds 6.70% Increasing
IXUP IXU $11.3M Joscelyne Investments 14.01% Increasing
Environmental Clean Technologies ECT $2.4M Challenge Bricks and Roofing 10.67% Becoming
Environmental Clean Technologies ECT $2.4M LJ & K Thomson 15.03% Increasing
Creso Pharma CPH $24.2M Jamber Investments 11.24% Increasing
Pure Alumina PUA $3.3M Keith Knowles 5.10% Becoming
Southern Cross Media SXL $578.3M Allan Gray 14.78% Increasing
Castile Resources CST $32.0M Paradice Investment Management 5.13% Becoming
Austin Engineering ANG $115.8M Moelis 5.05% Becoming
CFOAM CFO $14.2M Muhammad Quabbaj 12.53% Becoming
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Next Friday is the deadline for ASX-listed companies to lodge unaudited half-yearly results, or full year if they use the calendar year. Results often prompt buying and selling in stocks.

The bulk of results are yet to come but a few early releases have resulted in some fund managers topping up.

Most notably, Perennial Value Management hiked its positions in tech company Superloop (ASX:SLC) and Gage Roads Brewing (ASX:GRB).

What was more common in the last week was capital raisings, which provided some breathing space for those that raised cash.

Alex Waislitz’s investment vehicle, Thorney Opportunities, bought a 6.78 per cent stake in family-focused social media platform Tinybeans (ASX:TNY). The company raised $11m to buy a US-based parenting website it hopes will complement its own offerings.

Paradice Investment Management bought into newly listed Castile Resources (ASX:CST), snapping up a 5.13 per cent stake. The substantial notice form shows the fund bought on market last Friday.

Ethical Partners Funds Management acquired a 5.33 per cent stake in employee management platform SmartGroup (ASX:SIQ).



Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
ImpediMed IPD $50.1M Allan Gray Australia 13.41% Decreasing
Stavely Minerals SVY $149.7M Greenstone Property 6.14% Decreasing
Wisr WZR $304.1M Adcock Private Equity 24.91% Decreasing
Adairs ADH $422.7M Brett Blundy 8.10% Decreasing
IVE Group IGL $346.8M Vinva Asset Management 4.96% Ceasing
RPM Global RPM $16.2M Perennial Value Management 9.41% Decreasing
McPhersons MCP $330.2M Investors Mutual 8.18% Decreasing
Empired EPD $62.4M Australian Ethical Investment 15% Decreasing
Energy Resources of Australia ERA $553.7M Zentree Investments 11.06% Decreasing
Avita Medical AVH $1.7B Blackcrane Capital 4.60% Ceasing
QUANTM Intellectual QIP $173.0M Perpetual 3.82% Ceasing
Praemium PPS $183.8M Milford Asset Management 4.45% Ceasing
Oncosil OSL $97.8M Regal Funds Management 5.49% Decreasing
Metgasco MEL $17.2M M&A Advisory 0.00% Ceasing
Mitchell Services MSV $123.5M Washington H Soul Pattinson & Co 5.91% Decreasing
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One of the last year’s most successful tech stocks is neolender Wisr (ASX:WZR). It climbed from 5c 12 months ago to 28c yesterday. Substantial holder Adcock Private Equity cashed out some of its holdings, reducing its stake to 24.9 per cent.

A number of health stocks made the sellers list this week including now large cap Avita Medical (ASX:AVH), Impedimed (ASX:IPD) and Oncosil (ASX:OSL).

Among resources stocks, Greenstone Property cut its stake in Stavely Minerals (ASX:SVY) which made a very high-grade copper hit (40 per cent) last year.

In the next month it climbed from just over 20c to as high as $1.33. But it has gradually retreated and now sits at 69c.