Want to know which stocks the fund managers have been putting their money in (and out) of? We’ve keen keeping track so you don’t have to.

Trading Places is Stockhead’s recap of substantial holder movements among ASX small caps in the last fortnight.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Flexigroup FXL $167.6M Renaissance Smaller Companies 8.05% Increasing
Marley Spoon MMM $75.7M Pie Funds Management 5.05% Becoming
OM Holdings OMH $232.7M Marc Chan 13.57% Increasing
Chant West CWL $11.9M Harvest Lane Asset Management 5.24% Becoming
Carbon Revolution CBR $136.9M Challenger 6.13% Becoming
Select Harvests SHV $681.9M Paradice Investment Management 9.40% Increasing
Devex Resources DEV $6.1M Timothy Goyder 23.77% Increasing
Kin Mining KIN $30.1M Harman Family 17.45% Increasing
Nick Scali NCK $263.3M Perpetual 13.36% Increasing
Spectrum Metals SPX $172.9M Ramelius Resources 69.01% Increasing
TZ TSL $35.8M First Samuel 24.12% Increasing
AppsVillage APV $8.1M IAS 13.75% Increasing
Norwood Systems NOR $5.9M 7Sundays 6.20% Becoming
3P Learning 3PL $104.6M Viburnum Funds 22.89% Increasing
City Chic Collective CCX $216.5M Pendal Group 5.33% Becoming
United Malt Group UMG $1.1B Ethical Partners Funds Management 5.57% Becoming
Fleetwood FWD $113.5M Paradice Investment Management 9.87% Increasing
Minrex Resources MRR $1.2M Chifley Portfolios 15.86% Increasing
Whitebark Energy WBE $9.1M Charles Morgan 5.65% Increasing
City Chic Collective CCX $216.5M Spheria Asset Management 10.18% Increasing
Norwood Systems NOR $5.9M Apsec Funds Management 10.70% Increasing
AVA Risk Group AVA $23.4M E.J. Worthington 6.03% Increasing
Catapault Group CAT $131.7M Quest Asset Partners 8.07% Increasing
Viva Leisure VVA $60.2M Copia Investment Partners 6.94% Increasing
Kin Mining KIN $30.1M Mostia Dion 9.33% Increasing
Aura Energy AEE $5.2M Asean Deep Fund 19.05% Increasing
Vault Intelligence VLT $16.0M Jencay Capital 5.18% Becoming
Village Roadshow VRL $222.5M Spheria Asset Management 5.20% Becoming
Capral CAA $44.1M Allan Gray 20.56% Increasing
Atrum Coal ATU $81.3M Timothy Roberts 16.73% Becoming
Readcloud RCL $30.4M Thorney Technologies 10.73% Increasing
GTN GTN $109.4M Perennial Value Management 12.36% Increasing
MoneyMe MME $98.3M Perennial Value Management 10.66% Increasing
Viva Leisure VVA $60.2M Bennelong Australia Equity Partners 15.20% Increasing
MSL Solutions MPW $11.3M Richard Holzgrefe 5.21% Becoming
Hammer Metals HMX $6.2M Lundie Investments 5.39% Becoming
Atrum Coal ATU $81.3M Lumyna Investments 5.40% Becoming
3P Learning 3PL $108.8M Australian Ethical Investment 14.00% Increasing
A2B Australia A2B $77.1M Pinnacle Investment Management 5.03% Becoming
Freehill Mining FHS $27.9M Samuel Duddy 13.71% Increasing
Integral Diagnostics IDX $525.3M Yarra Funds Management 5.44% Becoming
Australis Oil and Gas ATS $18.7M Thorney Technologies 6.42% Increasing
Lovisa Holdings LOV $566.3M Challenger 7.21% Increasing
Bidenergy BID $96.7M Thorney Technologies 6.87% Increasing
Perenti PRN $412.4M L1 Capital 7.98% Increasing
Peet PPC $403.6M L1 Capital 13.93% Increasing
Decmil Group DCG $29.9M Thorney Technologies 17.17% Increasing
Alto Metals AME $15.6M Harvest Lane Asset Management 7.46% Increasing
AHALife Holdings AHL $3.0M Bombora 13.20% Increasing
Corporate Travel Management CTD $982.2M Invesco 10.95% Increasing
Beacon Lighting BLX $110.1M Pendal Group 5.49% Becoming
Zoono Group ZNO $321.7M Lumyna Investments 5.50% Becoming
GetSwift GSW $111.2M Fidelity 6.01% Increasing
SomnoMed SOM $82.4M TDM Growth Partners 22.79% Increasing
Adairs ADH $148.8M Challenger 7.28% Increasing
Mindax MDX $2.8M Meilian Zeng 7.24% Becoming
Tinybeans TNY $47.5M John Rubino 7.20% Becoming
Credit Corp CCP $738.7M Bennelong Australia Equity Partners 17.39% Increasing
ScandiVanadium SVD $1.8M Croesus Mining 6.38% Increasing
CML Group CGR $96.8M Harvest Lane Asset Management 5.08% Becoming
Seafarms SFG $73.7M Janet Cameron 12.32% Becoming
Limeade LME $339.1M Perennial Value Management 8.79% Increasing
Citadel Group CGL $210.9M Perennial Value Management 8.40% Becoming
Genetic Signatures GSS $279.4M Perennial Value Management 9.40% Increasing
Medadvisor MDR $98.4M Regal Funds Management 8.37% Increasing
Minotaur Exploration MEP $9.8M Sprott 10.65% Increasing
Chesser Resources CHZ $14.8M Robert Greenslade 5.57% Becoming
Tambla TBL $2.8M Kestrel Growth Companies 33.62% Increasing
Citadel Group CGL $227.8M Challenger 5.53% Becoming
Westgold Resources WGX $715.8M Fidelity 9.84% Increasing
Spirit Telecom ST1 $48.7M Peter Diamond 20.05% Increasing
BSA BSA $125.3M Naos Asset Management 24.16% Increasing
Fleetwood FWD $118.3M Perennial Value Management 11.72% Increasing
Citadel Group CGL $227.8M Perennial Value Management 6.21% Becoming
Nickel Mines NIC $787.8M PT Karunia Bara Perkasa 5.18% Becoming
Marley Spoon MMM $139.9M Pie Funds Management 6.70% Becoming
Superior Lake Resources SUP $6.5M Grant Davey 12.90% Increasing
NTM Gold NTM $42.8M Empire Resources 13.26% Increasing
Trigg Mining TMG $966K Matthew Wheeler 5.37% Becoming
Aeris Resources AIS $20.5M Tudor Court 19.99% Increasing
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In recent days equity markets have been rising again and stocks that were solid performers last year were again in demand.

Paradice Investment Management bought almond maker Select Harvests (ASX:SHV), which had gained 50 per cent in 2019.

Plus size womens wear seller City Chic Collective (ASX:CCX) went from 11c to as high as $3.58 in just over two and a half years before plunging to $1.07 in just five weeks.

But it is just over $1.50 again and Spheria Asset Management and Pendal Group both bought shares, now owning over 15 per cent between them.

Spheria also bought into Village Roadshow (ASX:VRL), picking up a 5.2 per cent stake, despite the firm having to close its theme parks due to social distancing laws.

Perpetual increased its holdings in furniture retailer Nick Scali (ASX:NCK) to just over 13 per cent.

One major transaction that occured despite COVID-19 was the demerger of United Malt Group (ASX:UMG) from Graincorp (ASX:GRN). Ethical Partners Fund Management bought a 5.57 per cent stake in the spin off.

Other notable buys included Alex Waislitz’s Thorney Opportunities buying into Bidenergy (ASX:BID) and Australian Ethical Investments taking its holdings in 3P Learning (ASX:3PL) to 14 per cent.

Perennial Value Management’s buys in recent days included Genetic Signatures (ASX:GSS), which has developed a COVID-19 test.

Other stocks helping people in this time were popular too. For instance meal kit deliverer Marley Spoon (ASX:MMM) saw Pie Funds Management join its register, while Lumnya Investments bought 5.5 per cent of hand sanitiser maker Zoono (ASX:ZNO).




Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Ovato OVT $7.3M Allan Gray 6.12% Decreasing
Kalina Power KPO $21.3M Harrington Global Opportunities Fund 0.00% Ceasing
Flexigroup FXL $197.2M Washington H Soul Pattinson 0% Ceasing
Estia Health EHE $299.0M Vinva Investment Management 4.99% Ceasing
Oneview Healthcare ONE $6.6M Perennial Value Management 10.03% Decreasing
Medadvisor MDR $86.1M Regal Funds Management 6.25% Decreasing
GWA Group GWA $681.1M Investors Mutual 1.06% Ceasing
Chorus CNU $2.8B L1 Capital 12.23% Decreasing
Whispir WSP $124.5M Regal Funds Management 4.08% Ceasing
Spectrum Metals SPX $180.1M Chalice Gold Mines 0% Ceasing
1st Group 1ST $11.1M Focus Asset Management 0% Ceasing
Salmat SLM $150.8M Allan Gray 12.15% Decreasing
Paragon Care PGC $42.2M First Samuel 12.86% Decreasing
1st Group 1ST $11.1M Perennial Value Management 6.07% Decreasing
Rhinomed RNO $12.4M Perennial Value Management 4.99% Ceasing
Australian Finance Group AFG $279.2M Milford Asset Management 5.86% Ceasing
Antisense Therapeutics ANP $20.5M Australian Ethical Investment 13.54% Decreasing
UUV Aquabotix UUV $682K Voltz Corporation 0.00% Ceasing
1st Group 1ST $11.9M Perennial Value Management 4.25% Ceasing
Nickel Mines NIC $774.4M Regal Funds Management 5.79% Decreasing
Nick Scali NCK $284.3M Perpetual 11.53% Decreasing
paladin Energy PDN $111.5M Maso Capital PArtners 4.20% Ceasing
paladin Energy PDN $111.5M Paradice Investment Management 9.52% Decreasing
OFX OFX $286.7M Pendal Group 7.49% Decreasing
Aurora Labs A3D $11.4M David Budge 17.01% Decreasing
Alliance Aviation AQZ $235.8M Perennial Value Management 12.12% Decreasing
Otto Energy OEL $13.5M Perennial Value Management 0.37% Ceasing
Readcloud RCL $26.4M Amity Agency 14.03% Decreasing
Indoor Skydive Australia IDZ $673K LHC Capital Partners 0% Ceasing
Syrah Resources SYR $93.3M Harbour Asset Management 4.94% Ceasing
Zenith Energy ZEN $144.2M Pendal Group 4.19% Ceasing
Zoono ZNO $339.7M Lumyna Investments 4.17% Ceasing
McPhersons MCP $240.2M Investors Mutual 6.67% Decreasing
Tamawood TWD $71.2M Sterling Equitty 0% Ceasing
3P Learning 3PL $132.5M Sterling Equitty 10.70% Decreasing
Pental PTL $53.1M Allan Gray 11.11% Decreasing
Electro Optic System EOS $591.4M Regal Funds Management 6.42% Decreasing
Energy Action EAX $2.9M Microequities Asset Management 8.55% Decreasing
Schaffer Corporation SFC $149.2M Sterling Equitty 7.90% Decreasing
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Several stocks appearing in the seller’s list have been adversely affected, or at least haven’t been able to calm investors’ fears they will be impacted.

For instance Alliance Aviation (ASX:AQZ) has seen all of its codeshare passenger services with Virgin Australia grounded. Perennial Value Management cut its holdings in the stock this week.

Buy now, pay later stock Flexigroup (ASX:FXL) saw Washington H Soul Pattinson sell out. Investors fear a looming credit crunch will see these stocks hit.

Uranium play Paladin Energy (ASX:PDN) saw Maso Capital Partners and Paradice Investment Management sell shares this week. Despite a boost to uranium prices in recent days, miners and explorers have been forced to scale back operations for the time being.