It isn’t common on the ASX that a share price rise exceeds 400 per cent in a day. In 2019, it only happened three times and there were only 10 instances where a company’s share price rose 200 per cent or more.

In 2020, it happened 12 times. In fact, there were 40 instances of stocks more than tripling in a single day.

We’ve chosen to recap the top dozen.

Code Company Date Price pre-rise Price post-rise % Rise in a Day Reason
JPR Jupiter Energy Apr-22 0.002 0.055 2750 No news
ESK Etherstack Jun-29 0.12 1.75 1358 Samsung deal
EER East Energy Resources Sep-16 0.003 0.036 1100 No news
SAN Sagalio Energy Sep-16 0.008 0.087 998 No news
ATH Alterity Therapeutics Jul-01 1.75 0.17 871 FDA guidance
PDI Predictive Discovery 15-Apr 0.006 0.05 733 Hit - gold
MTB Mt Burgess Mining Aug-18 0.003 0.022 633 Exploration update
AMT Allegra Orthopaedic Jul-06 0.088 0.53 502 Patent acquisition
RXH Rewardle Holdings 6-Apr 0.001 0.006 500 No news
JPR Jupiter Energy Sep-15 0.021 0.125 495 No news
ESR Estrella Resources 8-Oct 0.014 0.079 464 Exploration update
TDL TBG Diagnostics 16-Mar 0.026 0.14 438 COVID benefit - test kits
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1. Jupiter Energy (ASX:JPR) +2750%

Taking the top spot by a long way was this Kazakhstan-focused oil stock. On April 21 it closed at 0.2 cents but the day after it had reached 5.5 cents.

The stock continued to climb in the following morning, reaching as high as 34.5 cents but retreated after that.

Ironically, it occurred the same week oil prices famously fell below zero – a move causing Jupiter to shut down production.

When queried by the ASX, the company said it had nothing more than an announcement made a week ago that it secured a more attractive prepayment proposal from a local trader.


2. Etherstack (ASX:ESK) +1358%

This wireless technology stock took out the silver medal in 2020. It actually did have news when it rose. Namely, a deal with Samsung that would see its digital LMR (Land Mobile Radio) “soft-switching” technologies integrated into Samsung’s mobile network.

Etherstack did follow up a couple of days later clarifying its revenues from the deal. It said they would be derived “when Samsung and Etherstack together supply technology to Samsung’s customers”.


3. & 4. East Energy Resources (ASX:EER) +1100%; and Sagalio Energy (ASX:SAN) +998%

Five months after Jupiter’s rise, both of these energy minnows saw a hefty share price rise based on no news.

Stockhead’s own Peter Strachan suggested investors ran on both companies after Scott Morrison’s new gas policy the day before. One curious element is that Sagalio has operations in Kyrgyzstan, which neighbours Jupiter’s operations in Kazakhstan.


5. Alterity Therapeutics (ASX:ATH) +871%

This biotech stock Alterity Therapeutics (ASX:ATH) told its shareholders it had received “guidance” from the US FDA about the development pathway for its anti-Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) drug.

Ironically the spike didn’t happen until a day after the announcement when its US shares more than doubled.


6. Predictive Discovery (ASX:PDI) +733%

While a handful of gold stocks saw a rise higher than this over the entire year, this Africa-focused explorer took the cake for biggest single day share price rise among ASX gold stocks.

On April 15, Predictive Discovery announced an initial drilling program at its Kaninko project in Guinea returned multiple gold intercepts including 10m at 26.52/g per tonne.

Gold was hit in 23 of the 24 shallow (sub-50m depth) holes drilled, with many results from surface.


7. Mount Burgess Mining (ASX:MTB) +633%

This resources stock holds a zinc-lead-silver-germanium and vanadium deposit in Botswana.

In mid-August, it spiked over 600 per cent in a day after announcing that “further work [had] been conducted on refining the consolidation of drill hole data.”

Mount Burgess said new data formats “show[ed] more clearly the continuity of the mineralised domain of the Nxuu Deposit as known from holes drilled to date”.


8. Allegra Orthopaedics (ASX:AMT) +502%

This med-tech stock spent six years collaborating with the University of Sydney on a novel additive aimed at building synthetic bone substitutes.

In mid-July it announced it was taking this in-house, having acquired the IP for 4.8 million of its shares, which led to its big price lift.

While it is off its all-time highs, it is well above its early July price having continued to test its technology such as through dynamic compressive tests, and passing with flying colours.


9. Rewardle Holdings (ASX:RXH) +500%

This micro-cap stock, which is one of the few involved in loyalty programs, saw a hefty rise in early April.

The spike came despite there being no news on the day of the rise and a company outlook from a few days earlier took a gloomy outlook about COVID-19 as its merchants reported closing or seeing trade being restricted.


10. Jupiter Energy (ASX:JPR) +495%

After a quiet few months following April’s rise, Jupiter suddenly went on a run again. This was only a day after the exponential share price rise of its ASX energy peers East Energy Resources (ASX:EER) and Sagalio Energy (ASX:SAN).

Once again the company claimed there wasn’t a leak of confidential information.

Sagalio’s operations lay in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan.


11. Estrella Resources (ASX:ESR) +464%

Easily the hottest find of the year was Chalice Mines’ (ASX:CHN) high-grade nickel-copper-palladium discovery in March.

Although De Grey (ASX:DEG) won the “Best Emerging Company” award at Diggers and Dealers and saw a higher share price rise, Chalice’s discovery led to a nearology rush by several other explorers seeking a similar company re-rating discovery.

In October, Estrella reported a spectacular nickel-copper-PGE intersection at its flagship Carr Boyd project.

The company’s CEO declared that Carr Boyd could “now join an elite list of recent Western Australian nickel discoveries including the Golden Swan, Julimar and Mawson discoveries.”


12. TBG Diagnostics (ASX:TDL) +438%

Given how hard COVID-19 has hit the world it may come as a surprise not to see more stock tackling the pandemic head on to make the list.

This company’s one-day rise came on March 16 when it announced COVID-19 test kits were approved for sale in Europe, news that sent shares up 438 per cent on March 16.

Unfortunately for the company, the news leaked before it was formally released on the ASX leading to the company’s suspension – which has not yet been lifted nine months on.

To add insult to injury, China didn’t give TBG the green light to export the test kits from the country.