Stockhead’s biggest market (t)memes of the week.

After the long (cold) cannabis winter of 2019-2020, investors are finally responding positively to a convergence of regulatory tailwinds.

The standout local performer was Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH), which posted torrid gains over the past week on average daily trading volumes of more than 200 million (October average: ~30m).

This punter, and many others, wonder what could have been.

Here’s how much money you could have made if you bought CPH 11 days ago. from r/ASX_Bets

On the other hand, if you bought some of the 914k shares that traded at 47c (on Wednesday), you could’ve lost more than 1/3 of your investment by COB, says u/ mepat1111.

Creso share price over the past month.

Like this guy.

should have sold when I was 1k up from r/ASX_Bets

Over on Wall Street, Airbnb soared 115% at the open in its trading debut on Thursday, giving the home sharing service a market valuation of more than $US100 billion.

That makes Airbnb more valuable than the seven largest US hotel chains combined, including Marriot, Hilton, and Hyatt.

The IPO frenzy of 2020 hasn’t been limited to just Airbnb.

On Wednesday, DoorDash and posted substantial gains of 86% and 174% respectively.

And in September, Snowflake completed the largest software technology IPO in history and has been on a tear since its debut.

Is this ‘Dotcom Bubble 2.0’?