Here is this week’s top investing news. With memes.

Not surprisingly, Trump is refusing to concede the US Presidential election. Long shot efforts by his legal team to win are akin to — in the infamous words of his former campaign adviser Steve Bannon — “flooding the zone with shit”.

(You’ll have to click on this one, it’s a bit NSFW.)

The wolf of the white house from r/wallstreetbets

Many traders don’t care. Stimulus is on its way, regardless of who lives in the White House next year. But here’s one punter who hopes Trump pulls a miracle out of the bag.

This is real. It’s my mates mate. Should I send him an invitation to ASX_bets? from r/ASX_Bets

Meanwhile, global markets went gangbusters on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine announcement.  But stocks that went bananas during lockdown – tech, online retail, bnpl, biotech – hit the skids. Also, the poor Brisbane Broncos.

Broncos getting flogged even in off-season 😢 from r/ASX_Bets

Then reality set in.

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