Today, Stockhead is having a bit of a moment.

We’re just a couple of months shy of being a part of ASX small caps investors’ daily lives for five years. It’s hard to believe that since kicking off with all you need to know about Analytica’s “lofty charter of mitigating urinary incontinence and giving women better orgasms”, we’ve maintained that standard of bringing you the best bits of the larger, more interesting bottom end of the bourse ever since.

Investing themes have changed. Back in 2017, it was all about biotechs and cannabis.

Halfway to here, we all went through our IPO and BNPL phase. Covid bust. Covid stocks.

New platforms and new Aussie traders with time and stimmy cheques jumping on the new platforms, in their hundreds of thousands. Post-Covid boom.

And right now it’s all lithium, lithium and lithium. What’s next?

Well, more of us.

From today onwards, you’ll also find us in the pages of Australia’s premier national daily newspaper, The Australian. Tuesdays, to be specific. And every day online, under the bit that says “Stockhead”.

We’ve launched our partnership this morning with a 12-page liftout showing all The Oz’s readers the kind of sparkling copy and diamond-cutting insight you’ve been enjoying since the year Rhythm Biosciences listed. It’s since put on 600-odd per cent on that listing price of 20 cents.

Yeah, we were there for that.

Stockhead has also put on a solid 400 per cent extra as well, growing from three journos back then to its current team of 15 experts, analysts, podcasters and (very) part-time comedians. We’ve even got our own in-house pet day trader.

And a crypto section and experts. Hoo boy.

Now it’s time to step up onto the bigger stage.

We’re very proud to be launching this partnership, and the opportunity it represents for helping the thousands of innovators and characters at the crowded end of our national stock exchange be heard above the noise.

If you haven’t picked up the paper version in today’s edition of The Australian, you can access 12 pages of expert tips, analysis and comment on what’s shaping the small caps market right now, right here.

They deserve it. They’re not just penny dreadfuls. They are the companies driving the next wave of innovation, economic growth, societal progress and shareholder wealth.

If you’re new here today, you’ll see the dedicated early risers in our daily pre-market and early movers update or the quick ‘out of the blocks’ ones as we wrap for lunch. Plus, you’ll get the chance to go a bit deeper with us as the investing themes of the day, week and month emerge.

Welcome to Stockhead. And thanks for being a Stockhead.