On Stockhead today, Rick Rule’s ready for another uranium binge, all the big ASX winners in May and how biotechs have changed cancer treatment.

But first, the day ahead.



The following companies went into trading halts yesterday and are expected out in the next few days:

Credit Clear Limited (ASX:CCR) – trading halt, pending an anticipated capital raise

Kopore Metals Limited (ASX: KMT) – trading halt, pending an anticipated capital raise

Meteoric Resources NL (ASX:MEI)– trading halt,  pending an announcement regarding a potential asset disposal

Victory Offices (ASX:VOL) – trading halt, pending an update on its portfolio of office locations



Gold: $US1,837.20 (-1.03%)

Silver: $US21.55 (-1.85%)

Nickel (3mth): $US28,235/t (+3.98%)

Copper (3mth): $US9,534.50/t (+0.47%)

Lithium Carbonate, China (Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, June 1): $US69,450/t (0.1% weekly)

Lithium Hydroxide, China (Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, June 1): $US70,875/t (0.0% weekly)

Oil (WTI): $US115.15 (-1.78%)

Oil (Brent): $US116.29 (-4.42%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US133.51 (+0.52%)

AUD/USD: $US0.7182 (+0.07%)

Bitcoin: $US31,846 (+0.47%)



That bearish GS report on lithium.

Not much love for lithium haters out there, but hey, the bagholders were prolly a little cranky over that Chinese report and looking for any crutch they could find.

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(Stocks highlighted in yellow rose after making announcements during the trading day).

Scroll or swipe to reveal table. Click headings to sort.

Code Company Price % Volume Market Cap
JAV Javelin Minerals Ltd 0.002 100% 750,000 $9,354,153
ARO Astro Resources NL 0.0045 50% 42,327,637 $14,115,724
MHI Merchant House 0.075 39% 19,779 $5,090,391
RBR RBR Group Ltd 0.004 33% 200,000 $3,862,861
CLG Close Loop 0.47 27% 1,815,503 $123,007,047
HXL Hexima 0.35 25% 121,440 $44,726,850
ATR Astron Corp Ltd 0.665 21% 49,867 $67,362,393
DVL Dorsavi Ltd 0.018 20% 545,400 $5,308,219
AUA Audeara 0.09 20% 180,261 $4,814,949
HCT Holista CollTech Ltd 0.03 20% 191,121 $6,883,727
VAN Vango Mining Ltd 0.055 17% 1,685,016 $59,217,069
RCW Rightcrowd 0.09 17% 73,644 $20,126,667
ARE Argonaut Resources 0.0035 17% 15,910,942 $10,818,614
EMUCA EMU NL - 3C Pd, 3C Unpd 0.007 17% 18,386 $242,910
MTH Mithril Resources 0.007 17% 95,700 $17,521,398
NNL Nordicnickellimited 0.29 16% 4,413,491 $14,585,001
WMG Western Mines 0.22 16% 372,675 $6,960,175
DUN Dundasminerals 0.15 15% 3,367 $4,845,870
1ST 1St Group Ltd 0.008 14% 125,627 $3,879,077
AUK Aumake Limited 0.008 14% 1,603,000 $5,400,128
OEX Oilex Ltd 0.004 14% 409,340 $25,087,267
GFN Gefen Int 0.16 14% 30,000 $8,552,721
CCZ Castillo Copper Ltd 0.017 13% 8,907,932 $19,492,580
IAM Income Asset 0.225 13% 74,581 $55,244,164
HMI Hiremii 0.064 12% 549,838 $6,034,428
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Castillo Copper (ASX:CCZ) has declared a maiden 21,556 tonne cobalt resource (64 million tonnes at 318 parts per million) at the BHA project in NSW.

The resource at BHA’s ‘East Zone’ — at relatively shallow depths between 2-80m — also includes 44,260t of copper (63Mt at 0.07%).

The company says there’s a whole lotta other prospects still outside the current mineral resource estimate, so they reckon there’s still “considerable potential” to expand the cobalt-copper resource with new extensional drilling.

Astro Resources (ASX:ARO) has managed to buck the lithium-bashing trend, posting a decent jump on the back of the announcement it’s staked some highly-prospective lithium claims in the Kibby Basin, Nevada – and grabbed 80% (with the right to increase to 100%) of Greenvale Mining’s Georgina IOCG Project in the new East Tennant Mineral Province of the NT.

Greenvale Energy (ASX:GRV) shares also climbed after it let everyone know that it’s getting serious about geothermal energy production by buying Within Energy, bagging its three tenure applications in Queensland along the way.

Nordic Nickel (ASX:NNL), the latest listed nickel sulphide explorer is ahead by double-digits. NNL raised $12m at 25c per share via its IPO , the funding will go towards a portfolio of assets in Finland’s Central Lapland Greenstone Belt (CLGB).



(Stocks highlighted in yellow fell after making announcements during the trading day).

Scroll or swipe to reveal table. Click headings to sort.

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Lithium stocks, basically. Apparently ‘cos China’s BVD Co has bought six (Joker: Six) ready to roll African lithium mines that can produce over 25 MTPA of lithium ore and deliver first Li next month.

That is productive.