Stockhead’s Top 10 at 10, published at ~10.30am each trading day, highlights the best (and worst) performing ASX stocks in morning trade using live data.

It’s a short, sharp update to help frame the trading day by showing the biggest movers in percentage terms.

The market opens at 10am (eastern time) and the data is taken at 10:15am, once every ASX stock has started trading.



Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort).

Code Description Last % Volume MktCap
PKD Parkd Ltd 0.029 53% 183,777 $1,934,548
DCX Discovex Res Ltd 0.003 50% 500,000 $6,605,136
MTL Mantle Minerals Ltd 0.002 33% 202,454 $9,221,169
KNB Koonenberrygold 0.04 29% 25,025 $2,348,450
GFN Gefen Int 0.009 29% 4,214 $476,701
SBW Shekel Brainweigh 0.1 25% 11 $15,908,500
SXL Sthn Cross Media 0.95 25% 2,093,579 $182,323,353
AVW Avira Resources Ltd 0.0025 25% 407,800 $4,267,580
WEC White Energy Company 0.12 20% 25,000 $4,456,929
BTR Brightstar Resources 0.012 20% 2,478,478 $15,740,152
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DiscovEX Resources (ASX:DCX) is on the winners list today after announcing a Sylvannia Exploration update, including that it has completed heritage surveys with the Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation over priority drill areas at the Contact gold prospect.

The company said preliminary advice has been received from traditional owners, confirming clearance of multiple drill lines at the Contact prospect.

Clearance  has also been received for additional areas selected by Rio Tinto (ASX:RIO) as part of their Option Agreement with DCX. Exploration drilling and geophysical activities is scheduled for August with additional heritage surveys to start in late June.

Geophysics planned for the Prairie Downs Fault Zone, targeting copper-gold and lead-zinc mineralisation.

Southern Cross Media Group (ASX:SXL) is also on the winners list this morning after announcing that ARN Media (ASX:A1N)  has acquired a 14.8% interest in SCA for $38.3 million.

SXL said  that under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, A1N would be deemed to control its commercial radio and television broadcasting licences if it held an interest of 15% in SCA.

As SXL and A1N control the maximum permitted two commercial radio broadcasting licences in all metropolitan markets and several regional markets, the BSA prohibits A1N holding an interest of 15% or more in SXL.



Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort). 

Code Company Price % Volume Market Cap
CCE Carnegie Cln Energy 0.001 -33% 527,147 $23,463,861
MTH Mithril Resources 0.001 -33% 100,000 $5,053,207
OAU Ora Gold Limited 0.002 -20% 20,000 $9,842,313
LKE Lake Resources 0.31 -18% 12,334,177 $540,528,989
PUA Peak Minerals Ltd 0.0025 -17% 1,000,000 $3,124,130
PEC Perpetual Res Ltd 0.011 -15% 9,723 $7,091,292
NOR Norwood Systems 0.03 -14% 298,821 $14,154,544
OAR OAR Resources Ltd 0.003 -14% 200,001 $8,998,633
ROG Red Sky Energy 0.003 -14% 33,400 $18,557,795
CNJ Conico Ltd 0.007 -13% 360,000 $12,560,760
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