Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunch Wednesday Nov 14:

The ASX Small Ords was down 1 per cent or 26 points to 2608.2 at 12.40pm AEDT.


Marquee Resources (ASX:MQR) took off this morning after securing a deal to supply cobalt from its Canadian project to a big Chinese battery cathode maker.

Shares shot up 62 per cent to an intra-day high of 12.5c just after market open on Wednesday.

The junior explorer has signed a deal with Zhejiang Meidu Haichuang Lithium Battery Technology — described as “one of the most significant Chinese operating enterprises involved in the manufacture of battery cathode materials”.

Boss Charles Thomas says demand for cobalt is strong in China.

“The interest shown by numerous Chinese end users demonstrates the strong appetite for cobalt and in particular the potential product that Werner Lake could deliver,” he said.

Alderan Resources (ASX:AL8) made similar gains this morning after “assays” (or lab tests) showed high-grade copper in a big mineral deposit called Accrington — part of its Frisco project in the US state of Utah.

The stock jumped 44 per cent to an intraday high of 26c.

The results “confirm the potential of Accrington to host high-grade copper mineralisation”, the company said

One-armed robot bricklayer FBR (ASX:FBR) — formerly known as FastBrick — gained 21 per cent to an intraday high of 20.5c after building its first house in fewer than three days — a milestone described as a “world first”.

The “Hadrian X” robot built a 180 square metre, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home.

“What we have achieved here is a quantum leap for the construction industry,” said FBR boss Mike Pivac.

“We are excited by the performance and results, given this work was completed in test speed and for the very first time.”

The feat was accomplished after completing Factory Acceptance Testing of the Hadrian X construction robot.

Anson Resources (ASX:ASN) put on more than 20 per cent t0 10.5c after tests at its Paradox lithium project showed growing recovery rates when producing lithium hydroxide.

Anson estimates overall lithium recovery is now about 70 per cent after extraction and downstream processing. That compares to rates of 50 per cent achieved in operations such as the South American Salars — which have higher grades, Anson told investors.

Anson wants to produce lithium-rich brines at its Paradox project in the US state of Utah – an 11-hour drive from electric car maker Tesla’s “gigafactory”.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.10pm Wednesday Nov 14:

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ASX codeCompanyToday's price changePrice Nov 14 (12.10pm )VolumeMarket Cap
WGL WANGLE TECH500.003167k5.2M
MQR MARQUEE RESOURCE42.85714285710.1110k3.3M
AL8 ALDERAN RESOURCE38.88888888890.2542k23.3M
KP2 KORE POTASH36.36363636360.15147k94.5M
FIN FIN RESOURCES 28.57142857140.018144k5.3M
BKP BARAKA ENERGY250.005744k11.3M
ANL AMANI GOLD 250.005344k6.4M
CSE COPPER STRIKE 22.22222222220.1128k9.6M
KZR KALAMAZOO RESOUR21.05263157890.11572k8.5M
TV2 TV2U200.0065M10.2M
TBH BETMAKERS HOLDIN18.64406779660.07148k13.2M
FBR FBR 18.18181818180.1951M176.3M
SXX SOUTHERN CROSS16.66666666670.007575k6.5M
CTM CENTAURUS METALS16.66666666670.007323k13.8M
LVH LIVEHIRE 15.38461538460.45359k104.0M
ARX ARC EXPLORATION14.70588235290.195824.3M
ATU ATRUM COAL 14.45783132530.095353k29.9M
CCE CARNEGIE CLEAN E14.28571428570.008755k20.2M
CNL CELAMIN HOLDINGS11.53846153850.0293502.3M
RNU RENASCOR RESOURC11.11111111110.02571k17.3M
OEX OILEX 11.11111111110.0127M20.4M
KSS KLEOS SPACE SA11.11111111110.1139k10.6M



Wow. Factor Therapeutics (ASX:FTT) lost pretty much all its value this morning — dropping 97 per cent on the back of a failed clinical trial.

Factor was testing a wound-dressing drug to treat venous leg ulcers — but it comprehensively failed and the stock fell from 7.3c yesterday to 0.2c today.

The business is now capped at just $1.7 million with more than $59 million wiped from the stock in the first hour of trade.

The company has also commenced an immediate downsizing, halting all activity aside from maintaining its intellectual property.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.10pm Wednesday Nov 14:

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ASX codeCompanyToday's price changePrice Nov 14 (12.10pm )VolumeMarket Cap
FTT FACTOR THERAPEUT-0.9589041095890.0033M60.9M
NTD NATIONAL TYRE &-0.4222222222220.5234k92.4M
PVS PIVOTAL SYST-CDI-0.3555555555561.4537k249.7M
LHB LIONHUB GROUP -0.20.0425041.3M
SBR SABRE RES -0.20.0081M4.1M
SRH SAFEROADS HLDGS-0.1756756756760.30556k13.5M
CHP CHAPMANS -0.1666666666670.005617k1.6M
BIT BIOTRON -0.1627906976740.18131M117.2M
RIM RIMFIRE PAC MNG-0.1428571428570.006571k7.4M
KTE K2 ENERGY -0.1428571428570.006264k2.1M
CZN CORAZON MINING L-0.1428571428570.006492k8.9M
ADV ARDIDEN -0.1428571428570.0061M11.7M
ADO ANTEO DIAGNOSTIC-0.1333333333330.0131M17.3M
LML LINCOLN MINERALS-0.1250.007100k4.6M
EM1 EMERGE GAMING -0.1250.007100k4.7M
9SP 9 SPOKES INTERNA-0.1176470588240.03409k16.8M
HZN HORIZON OIL -0.1153846153850.115476k169.3M
RCP REDBANK COPPER L-0.1111111111110.016181k2.1M
ZER ZETA RESOURCES L-0.10.3671k115.4M
RXL ROX RESOURCES-0.10.00950k12.6M
BNL BIG STAR ENERGY-0.10.009424k3.3M
AR9 ARCHTIS -0.09677419354840.14142k19.1M
SLR SILVER LAKE RESO-0.09615384615380.47545k264.1M
MEM MEMPHASYS -0.09523809523810.0387M15.3M
1ST 1ST GROUP -0.09090909090910.03157k6.8M
ARM AURORA MINERALS-0.09090909090910.0215k2.6M
TNY TINYBEANS GROUP-0.08860759493670.3655k12.9M
TLX TELIX PHARMA-0.08759124087590.7579k174.6M
NVO NVOI -0.08333333333330.0116M5.0M