Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunch Tuesday November 20:

The ASX Small Ords was down 34.8 points or 1.3 per cent to 2,569.3 at 12.10pm AEDT.


Pilbara gold play Kairos Minerals (ASX:KAI) has found two new gold nugget patches that have yielded another 135 nuggets at its Croydon project.

They weighed in at 11.1 ounces and investors loved the news, sending shares up nearly 30 per cent to an intra-day high of 3.1c on Tuesday morning.

Purifloh (ASX:PO3) shares have risen 73 per cent this morning, to an intraday and year-long high of $3.20 after equity researchers Beer & Co raised its valuation of the company to a whopping $20 a share.

That is based off US billionaire Bill Parfet paying a 5x premium for a significant stake in the company.

Hipo Resources (ASX:HIP) got a 17 per cent boost in share price this morning, to 1.4c, after reporting “rapid progress” being made by Next-Battery, a lithium-ion battery tech company in which Hipo has a 35pc interest.

Laboratory studies on the cathode by Next-Battery’s scientists show the technology can more than double the specific energy of the best commercial lithium-ion batteries today, such as the new Tesla/Panasonic 2170 cell used in the Tesla Model 3 battery pack, Hipo said.

First Graphene (ASX:FGR) shares rose 14 per cent to an intraday high of 16.5c today after it told investors it had moved into the cement industry.

“In the latest development, the company is pleased to confirm further progress in its R&D collaboration with newGen Group,” it said in a statement.

“newGen will supply a wear lining system for dryer chute applications to a large Australian cement producer in their Perth facility. They are a leading supplier of cement and lime to the Western Australia’s mining, agriculture and construction industries.”

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.15pm Tuesday November 20:  

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ASX code Company Today's price change (12.15pm AEDT) Price Nov 19 (12.15pm ) Volume Market Cap
PO3 PURIFLOH 0.59 2.95 65k 58.1M
GLA GLADIATOR RESOUR 0.5 0.003 100k 2.5M
DDT DATADOT TECHNOLO 0.5 0.003 350k 2.0M
TYK TYCHEAN RESOURCE 0.33 0.004 3k 1.7M
FTT FACTOR THERAPEUT 0.33 0.004 103M 2.5M
CYQ CYCLIQ GROUP 0.29 0.009 924k 5.5M
MSR MANAS RESOURCES 0.25 0.005 1M 11.9M
SMD SYNDICATED METAL 0.2 0.006 100k 3.2M
FPL FREMONT PETROLEU 0.2 0.006 150k 6.2M
VN8 VONEX 0.18 0.13 54k 16.2M
HIP HIPO RESOURCES L 0.17 0.014 1M 4.6M
CXZ CONNEXION MEDIA 0.17 0.007 160k 5.1M
GUL GULLEWA 0.16 0.029 50k 3.8M
SMX SECURITY MATTERS 0.15 0.38 208k 32.2M
EVE EVE INVESTMENTS 0.14 0.008 3M 15.9M
EM1 EMERGE GAMING 0.14 0.008 3M 4.1M
HCH HOT CHILI 0.13 0.017 368k 11.3M
AHK ARK MINES 0.13 0.026 24k 1.1M
ACF ACROW FORMWORK A 0.13 0.445 296k 69.5M
SDV SCIDEV 0.13 0.009 786k 5.1M
RCP REDBANK COPPER L 0.13 0.018 45k 1.9M
CLL COLLERINA COBALT 0.12 0.145 72k 73.7M
SVY STAVELY MINERALS 0.11 0.31 14k 43.7M
AQD AUSQUEST 0.11 0.021 2M 10.0M
FGR FIRST GRAPHENE L 0.1 0.16 257k 58.6M
SE1 SENSERA 0.1 0.11 5k 24.4M
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Shares in eCargo (ASX:ECG) dropped 20 per cent to an intraday low of 12c after it announced it has been “exempted by the ASX from quarterly cash flow reporting Appendix 4C under Listing Rule 4.7B with effective from the quarter ending December 31, 2018”.

“This is resulted from the improvement in ECG’s cash flow for the past six quarters and is testimony to the Company’s positive response to the business transformation since the second half of the year ended December 31, 2017,” the company said.

“This follows the recent announcements made regarding the acquisition of the Metcash Asia (China focused) and Jessica’s Suitcase businesses by ECG.”

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.15pm Tuesday November 20:

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ASX code Company Today's price change (12.15pm AEDT) Price Nov 19 (12.15pm ) Volume Market Cap
MLS METALS AUSTRALIA -0.25 0.003 1M 9.4M
GAS STATE GAS -0.22 0.235 15k 40.4M
MZN MARINDI METALS L -0.2 0.004 2M 9.9M
ECG ECARGO HOLDINGS -0.2 0.12 185k 92.3M
OGX ORINOCO GOLD -0.2 0.012 6M 16.2M
LEX LEFROY EXPLORATI -0.16 0.16 6k 15.4M
KIN KIN MINING NL -0.16 0.08 177k 32.8M
SEI SPECIALITY METAL -0.15 0.011 825k 7.2M
SUD SUDA PHARMACEUTI -0.14 0.006 5M 18.1M
OEX OILEX -0.14 0.006 2M 16.5M
IVO INVIGOR GROUP -0.14 0.006 2M 10.6M
HNR HANNANS -0.14 0.012 946k 27.7M
GML GATEWAY MINING -0.14 0.012 100k 12.9M
ADV ARDIDEN -0.14 0.006 9M 11.7M
FDX FRONTIER DIAMOND -0.14 0.043 112k 11.7M
WWG WISEWAY GROUP -0.14 0.37 2k 52.1M
NSB NEUROSCIENTIFIC -0.14 0.16 92k 13.6M
DTM DART MINING NL -0.13 0.007 2M 6.9M
SL1 SYMBOL MINING -0.12 0.023 595k 15.2M
AIY AUTHORISED INVES -0.12 0.023 38k 9.7M
MDR MEDADVISOR -0.11 0.031 300k 46.7M
NBL NONI B -0.11 2.37 41k 259.3M
SHM SHRIRO HOLDINGS -0.11 0.6 40k 64.2M
EHH EAGLE HEALTH HOL -0.11 0.16 61k 57.3M
RFN REFFIND -0.11 0.008 1M 4.6M
BMG BMG RESOURCES -0.11 0.008 865k 3.7M
RXL ROX RESOURCES -0.1 0.009 1M 12.6M
RDN RAIDEN RESOURCES -0.1 0.009 55k 4.1M
PM8 PENSANA METALS L -0.1 0.018 2M 24.0M
DTS DRAGONTAIL SYSTE -0.1 0.235 206k 33.0M
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