Brisbane businessman Lev Mizikovsky is suing debt agency Collection House (ASX:CLH) for defamation, claiming $2.8 million in damages over public statements the company made in regard to Mr Mizikovsky in November last year.

The filing, made in the Supreme Court of Queensland on Friday last week, was made public by Collection House yesterday, which said in an announcement to the ASX that it will “vigorously defend” itself against the allegations.

The saga extends back to November last year, when Mr Mizikovsky sought to have three board members of Collection House removed and its remuneration report comprehensively defeated ahead of the company’s annual general meeting.

Mr Mizikovsky is the biggest shareholder in Collection House, holding an aggregate 11.6 per cent of CLH shares, according to the company’s last financial report.

But Collection House hit back hard in late November, releasing a three-page document to the ASX calling into question Mr Mizikovsky’s character.

“Consistent with Mr Mizikovsky’s past behaviour and statements, the letter is littered with inaccuracies and misstatements,” it said.

Collection House (ASX:CLH) shares rose 3 per cent to $1.365 today.

“The only reasonable inference which can be drawn from the further assertions contained in Mr Mizikovsky’s letter is that they serve an ulterior purpose…”

“The board respectfully suggests that Mr Mizikovsky’s interests would be best served by focusing on more productive matters while enabling the united team at Collection House to continue to build the business and enhance shareholder value.”

Stockhead has sought access to the documents filed in the Supreme Court.