The NRL finals are still a week away. The AFL finals are still a week away.

And just when you thought the outlook for the week ahead couldn’t get worse, parents in some states are bracing for school holidays. Ouch.

Still, even bad Fridays are bearable, as long as you can get to a pub. Oh, wait.

This is going nowhere. At least there are these highlights from the week that was at Stockhead, where we learnt there were still pots of money to be made. Especially off rampant Tesla fetishism.


1. Battery Day: Tesla confirms nickel as metal of choice

Without doubt, the highlight of the week was Battery Day. Specifically, how Tesla shareholders attended Battery Day in 2020. In their Teslas, drive-in style, of course – honk when you approve:


Also a highlight — getting to visualise Musk fanbois trashing their home trading desks when TSLA drops $US50bn on Battery Day because cheaper Teslas are still three years away. WHAT.

The problem is the cost of batteries. This is the bit where cobalt followers hold their hands over their ears. Also a bit of a downer was news an even cheaper Tesla was still at least three years away, again due to the large technological strides required to get the price of batteries down.

As Wood Mackenzie described it:
“Tesla’s 2020 Battery Day was full of ambitious plans, ground-breaking technology and endless optimism.”

It didn’t stop every battery play and it’s dog jumping on the “Battery Day” keyword bandwagon in their announcements to the ASX for the rest of the week. Expect a whole lot more of this type of thing post-Battery Days to come.


2. Explorers Podcast: Tolga Kumova’s latest stock picks, portfolio updates and tips for staying shredded

Tolga’s back. Famous for such hits as Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR), which he took from a penny stock to an ASX200 high flyer, and getting in early on Bellevue Gold (ASX:BGL), it’s no surprise Tolga Kumova’s always popular when he gets fireside with Barry FitzGerald for his podcast, The Explorers.

Come for Kumova’s stock picks and portfolio shifts, stay for Barry’s strategy on how he got so shredded during lockdown.

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3. Crucial period for Mesoblast as key FDA ruling looms

How’s your nerves? Shredded, if you’ve put the house on Mesoblast since August 13.

That’s when a US FDA advisory committee voted 9-1 in favour of approving MSB’s stem cell treatment Ryoncil, the drug for pediatric patients suffering from steroid-refractory acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD).

But final approval won’t happen until September 30. The share price is hovering around $4.90, but broker Bell Direct has a target of $7.30 – if Ryoncil gets the green light. And the FDA has been known to ignore advice before…

Of course, the important thing is the poor kids get to survive post-bone marrow transplant, one of the most harrowing procedures a little tacker could go through. So, yeah.


4. Battery metals or gold – where’s the next multi-bagger coming from?

A wise man once said “there are plenty of listed explorers that can’t find their own arse with both hands”. Well, Reuben Adams did, and he’s watched more junior explorers fumble around in the WA wasteland than anyone would ever need to.

But hitting the jackpot is not unheard of — Predictive Discovery (ASX:PDI) went from sub-$5m battler to $60m market cap project developer on the back of a huge gold find in West Africa.

Currently, there are 27 resources stocks on Stockhead’s list with a market cap under $5m. So where’s the next multi-bagger coming from? Somewhere among these lists that absolutely do not constitute financial advice.


5. ASX silver plays are flying… and analysts say there’s more upside to come

If you want to narrow it down a bit and gold’s too flash for you, maybe you should consider silver. Because when it comes to making moolah:

And if anyone smirks when you mention your silver play, feel free to remind them its price rise has almost doubled gold’s price rise in 2020.

Of course we have the silver plays table you’re suddenly interested in. The main thing is we got to use a pic of the best X-Men.

X-Man. Whatever.


6. Gold Digger: Investors are piling into oversubscribed gold IPOs

Fine, if you insist. Gold’s had a decent 2020. In fact, Over the past 12 months, 128 of the 178 stocks on Stockhead’s gold list have made gains, led by standout performers Auteco Minerals (ASX:AUT) +2900 per cent, and De Grey (ASX:DEG) +2600 per cent.

You can’t afford them anymore, but if you’re looking for basement prices, you might consider one of the many IPOs hunting for cash from investors trying to hitch a ride on the safe haven bus. Oh, wait — they’re all “multiple times oversubscribed” as well.


7. Guy on Rocks: Gold price retreat a good time to pick up some small cap bargains

What to make of it all though? Former geologist and experienced stockbroker Guy Le Page reckons gold is heading north again.

He’s keeping an eye on the ETFs, which added “about 30 tonnes” to their holdings last time prices pulled back in March.

So when they move again – and it could be soon – be ready. Le Page has a bunch of other rock stars for you to consider, but you’ll have to click here to read all about them and his play of the week. Haha.


8. Aussie share traders are now hitting UK, US markets – here’s what they’re buying

Tired of losing your extra JobKeeper cash on trading ASX stocks and want some OS action? You’re not alone.

In fact, you’re late to the party — CMC Markets has noted ‘phenomenal interest’ in trading on international markets since the pandemic. Andy Rogers, CMC Markets’ director of stockbroking, puts it down to people “having more time at home”, low interest rates, and, to put it bluntly, trying to get actual returns. From somewhere. Anywhere.

And the current darling is… Tesla, having taken over from Apple in the past two years. Here’s the top 25 internationals currently being traded on CMC’s platform.


9. Unicorns Podcast: ‘Show me the honey’ – Ben Rohr from EVE Investments getting busy with bees

The Unicorns Podcast connects you to some of the best and brightest founders, CEOs, executives, business owners, VCs and inspiring leaders who make things happen and inspire others. Namely, you, who can do it.

This week it’s the turn of Ben Rohr, COO of ASX-listed company Eve Investments (ASX:EVE) and CEO of Meluka Australia.

Rohr gives us the skinny on the global boom in wellness products, including its unique blend of organic honey, the untapped potential of Meluka and its suite of products, and the importance of finding the right partners to work with overseas.

The main thing to come out of all this with though is host Justin Kelly can head into his weekend finally knowing he got “Show me the honey” onto the website.

Click below to tune in.


10. The Secret Broker: Battered sav and spag bowl

“Over in America there is a new kid on the block and he is causing a bit of havoc in the financial world.”

The Secret Broker smells a rat. It’s got something to do with not-Tesla circus act Nikola, and involves you not getting your sav battered. Or something.

Anyway, they’re actually called SPACs, and while they look gourmet, even ASIC spat them out before they got on the menu over here.

Confused? At least this edition of TSB has some HG and Roy in it.

BONUS: We’re not sure what’s more stomach-churning – Vietnamese condom recyclers:

Or what millionaire gold speculators have for breakfast:

Have a good weekend.