Instead of the grumpy old neighbour yelling at passers by to get off their property, here’s something a lot more heartwarming.

One man decided to draw a racetrack on his driveway for a little boy that loved riding up and down it every time he passed by.

Then everyone wanted to get in on the action.

How this guy deals with kids playing on his driveway. from HumansBeingBros

Now, here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Explorers Podcast: DNK’s African ‘Colluli’ potash project has world-beater potential

This week’s chart topper is all about potash.

Stockhead’s ‘Garimpeiro’ columnist Barry FitzGerald puts Danakali (ASX:DNK) boss Niels Wage in the hot seat to chat about developing a potash project in Eritrea.

Since drilling commenced at the Colluli prospect in early 2010, over 1 billion tonnes of high-grade potassium bearing salts suitable for the production of potash have been identified.

Tune in if you missed it the first time.


2. Elon Musk’s Tesla dominates US EV sales and these are the metals he needs more of

Tesla is hands down the biggest seller of electric vehicles (EVs) in the world’s largest economy, accounting for 81 per cent of the 87,398 EVs sold in the US in the first quarter.

And the carmaker’s founder Elon Musk has famously called on nickel miners to produce more to meet growing demand for the battery metal.

But just which other metals is the billionaire tech icon going to need more of?

Mike Cooper runs through exactly what metals an EV needs.


3. Guy on Rocks: The tide is turning for nickel, these 2 stocks should be on the radar

Readers are clearly excited about the fact that nickel’s time is coming.

Cheap gold stocks are hard to come by so now it’s time to look at the up and comers in the nickel space, according to resident Stockhead expert Guy Le Page.

Wanna know who his picks are? You will just have to read on to find out.


4. These are the gaming stocks punters are betting on

One reason given for the recent rise of the Australian amateur investor is that COVID-19 caused gambling venues to close, and thus drove the hordes to speculate on stocks.

Australians bet more than $242bn in 2017-18, with about three quarters of that being spent inside casinos and on the pokies, according to the 35th edition of Australian Gambling Statistics.

The remainder went on the ponies and on sports betting.

But with the swift shift into stocks, just two gaming stocks are in the green. Find out which ones.


5. Gold Digger: These three gold stocks have delivered more than 10 fold returns

Everyone loves a good multi-bagger stock tale. This one features three gold stocks (no surprise there).

Even better, in the latest Gold Digger, there were 30 companies that tripled shareholders’ money in the same time period, up from just 18 companies two months ago.

Now’s a good time to be holding gold stocks.

Find out who the standouts were.


6. ‘A compelling story’: ASX beckons for nutraceutical stock Nutritional Growth Solutions

Biotech entrepreneur Brian Leedman has a knack for spotting companies with potential to deliver ‘the next big thing’.

His track record speaks for itself. Leedman has been involved in launching firms like ResApp Health (ASX:RAP), and NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals (ASX:NSB) of which he is non-executive chairman.

And Leedman has now taken a new fledgling company under his wing, Nutritional Growth Solutions (NGS), which is considering listing on the ASX in the third quarter this year.

Mike Cooper has the details.


7. Canary Capital sees explosive potential in Exopharm

Once upon a time stem cells were the future of medicine. But now there is a new contender that has the potential to change the industry’s thinking around regenerative medicine.

And Canary Capital behind it 110 per cent. So much so in fact that instead of taking a fee for helping with a $10m cap raise, it took the majority of its dues in shares. That’s confidence right there.

If you haven’t caught up on this promising new company and its tech yet, read on to find out more.


8. Gold sector becomes target for M&A activity on higher gold price

It comes with the territory, right? When a sector goes for a red-hot run, M&A is a natural follower.

Gold analyst Simon Popple describes it as the “perfect paradise” for gold companies right now. And that means they are printing huge amounts of cash.

So growth becomes a key mindset and the majors start to make their move on their smaller counterparts.

Mike Cooper runs through the deals already in the works and the potential hot targets.


9. Consumers are regaining their mojo, but Australia on track for longest slump in nearly 40 years

This is a little of the good and a little of the bad. Yes, consumers are again optimistic about where the economy is headed, but that is yet to translate into actual spending.

And without that influx of cash, Australia is set to notch up its longest slump in nearly four decades. That’s pretty extreme.

Nick Sundich provides a rundown on the sectors that have been seeing buyers gradually return.


10. The Secret Broker: Bring out ‘yer dead

This week TSB shines a light on the ASX-listed companies facing down the barrel of the bourse’s boot if they don’t hurry up and pay their listing fees.

This week, a total of 24 companies were named and shamed in the generic tap on the shoulder announcement, though two of them did manage to eventually find the drawer where the cheque book had been hiding, TSB writes.

Find out who these naughty companies are.

Have a good weekend!