If you thought that all drainage canals were merely a cesspool of sludge, you’d be wrong.

Japan wins hands down for having drainage canals that are so clean Koi fish live in them… and you can even see them.

Drainage Canals in Japan are so clean they even have Koi Fish in it from Damnthatsinteresting


Now, here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Global e-waste is an $80bn problem, and these Australian companies are trying to solve it

With the advent of the digital age so to came the problem faced by every other industry: waste.

And this issue of e-waste comes with a pretty darn hefty price tag — $80bn to be precise.

But now there is this common goal of creating a “circular economy” to help stamp out the problem.

Sam Jacobs spoke with two Australian companies looking to commercialise solutions to facilitate the growth of a “circular economy”.


2. ASX BNPL stocks guide: Here’s everything you need to know

There is undoubtedly many people out there kicking themselves for not getting into Afterpay (ASX:APT) from the start.

And since the COVID-19 market bottom in March it has ripped even higher – nearly 800 per cent in fact. This little fire cracker is now worth about $80 a share.

COVID-19 has shone a light on just how lucrative the buy now, pay later market is – especially during a pandemic when money is tight.

Mike Cooper compiled this comprehensive guide to give our readers an in-depth insight into what it’s all about and who is in the space. Check it out if you haven’t already.


3. Market lift-off? The CEOs of four Aussie drone companies discuss the industry outlook

Another market that is taking off (literally and figuratively) is drones.

The defence sector in particular are big believers in drone tech and have handed out some big figure contracts.

More players are emerging in the space and Sam Jacobs got the lowdown from four.

Find out where the drone sector is heading.


4. Guy on Rocks: Gold hasn’t blown up yet and iron ore will be ‘stronger for longer’

Guy Le Page certainly has many Stockhead fans. This column makes a regular appearance in our weekly Kick Back segment.

But this week perhaps it’s his soothing words that even though gold stumbled a little recently, investors shouldn’t freak out yet.

Le Page reckons both gold and iron ore are going to be “stronger for longer”. Cue the investor pile-in to cheap stocks.


5. Think Big: CBA says Australia’s post-COVID economy is heading towards a ‘new paradigm’

The level of stimulus thrown at the Australian economy during COVID-19 has dwarfed that handed out during the GFC and any other recession on record.

But the experts are divided on whether Australia should keep printing cash or whether the injection of more cash will just create much bigger problems later.

RBA governor Phil Lowe reckons “there is no free lunch” and “the tab always has to be paid…in one form or another”.

Sam Jacobs runs through where the Australian economy is headed.


6. Fractional investing signals change in the way we think about stocks

An interesting yarn by Rachel Williamson, this one looks at how you don’t actually need to buy whole stocks anymore — especially if you have to mortgage the house to pick up only a handful of shares.

The good news is there are trading platforms that allow you to buy fractions of shares, so you could still get into someone like online retail giant Amazon, which is currently worth over $US3,000 a share.

Find out how it works and who is offering a slice of the very expensive investment pie.


7. Q&A: Small-cap fund manager Ron Shamgar highlights his favourite stocks and sectors

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up one of the most unique investment environments in recent memory.

You just have to look at the record level of people getting into the market during this period – a phenomenon not typical of an economic downturn.

But just how are fund managers positioning their portfolios?

Sam Jacobs chatted with Ron Shamgar, the head of Australian equities at fund manager TAMIM Asset Management, to find out how he assessed opportunities (and threats) in ASX small caps.


8. StockDoc Podcast: How can investors get exposure to the booming esports market?

With global lockdown comes boredom and billions of people looking for new ways to spend their time.

And esports is booming.

In this recent StockDoc podcast Dr Nigel Finch sat down with Paul Roy, chairman of The Riva Group – which is focusing on Australia as a key destination for the rollout of its video-game based entertainment centres.

Tune in to hear what they had to say if you missed it.


9. Money Talks: The three unloved ASX gold gems investors are still missing

Experts believe it is getting much harder to find bargain gold opportunities given stock valuations have risen just as massively as the price of the precious metal.

Not only is gold the “easiest pitch you could bring to market” right now, but there are still opportunities out there, according to Trent Primmer, head of trading at Barclay Pearce.

Find out which three gold gems Primmer is keeping a close eye on.


10. The Secret Broker: Don’t wait for the music to stop

This week TSB regales us with a tale of a talented young stockbroker who could juggle chopsticks and never miss a dish on the Lazy Susan, all while closing an oversubscribed placement and earning himself $22,500 in the process.

Read on to find out all about TSB’s nostalgic recollection of a mate that was a “fountain of deals” for him once upon a time.


Have a good weekend!