When your boat just doesn’t have enough get up and go, what do you do?

Pretend like your in an episode of Fast and Furious and turbo charge it of course!

Turbo boat insane speed from ThatsInsane

Now, here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Gold Digger: Gold’s little brother silver is officially along for the ride

Last week gold ascended to new highs. The record rally, which saw gold blow past $US2,070/oz ($2,896/oz), also took silver with it.

Based on historical silver data, there has only ever been two occasions when the silver price has run hard — and both times followed recessions.

Silver got very close to the $US30/oz mark, notching a +150 per cent gain from its mid-March low of $11.70/oz.

Reuben Adams runs through the week’s gold winners and losers.


2. Guy on Rocks: Mining uptick still has a lot of road left

Guy Le Page’s predictions appear to be the highlight of the week for our readers.

And resources investors always want to hear there is plenty more run left in the latest mining boom.

Something called the CRB Commodity Index is on its way back up – it’s already up nearly 30 per cent since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out which stocks Le Page is hot for if you missed it.


3. This professional investor is focused on resources and rare earths in a post-COVID world

Resources — particularly copper and gold — will play a central role in the portfolio of professional investor Heath Moss in the months ahead.

As the owner and operator of HLM Investments, Moss allocates capital for a client base mainly comprised of investors with a “longer term, low-medium risk” outlook.

Sam Jacobs caught up with Moss at the end of last week to discuss his post-COVID investment outlook, and where he’s allocating capital on a sectoral and stock-specific basis.


4. Graphene demand is growing and these companies are in the thick of it

It’s stronger than Marvel’s ‘Hulk’ and a better conductor of electricity than DC’s ‘Black Lightning’ and that’s why it is dubbed the “wonder material”.

And graphene’s popularity is on the rise as researchers find more uses for the material that is up to 200 times stronger than steel.

But there aren’t many players in it on the ASX. Surprising given it is expected to be a $US4.8bn ($6.7bn) market by 2030.

Bevis Yeo runs through just who is dabbling in this intriguing material.


5. Silver price hits multi-year highs as it works to get out of gold’s shadow

Not surprisingly we have another silver story in the top 10 this week.

The last time silver reached its current level was back in February 2013. Seven years is quite a period of time.

And stats show demand is running hot.

Mike Cooper gives readers the lowdown on what is firing up silver right now.


6. The 11 ASX software small caps that have more than doubled in 2020

Imitating the 1988 song by one-hit-wonder Yazz, “The only way is up” for these software small caps.

The average software small cap has gained 21 per cent in 2020 and 11 have notched up gains above 100 per cent.

Nick Sundich provides a rundown of these lucky players (and investors).


7. Here’s how the pickup in crypto DeFi activity is influencing Australian trading activity

The relatively strong performance of major cryptocurrencies hasn’t been lost on investors since the pandemic began.

Along with Bitcoin, the post-March rally has also seen demand flow through to other major alt-coins led by Ethereum, which acts as the operating platform for a new wave of decentralised finance (DeFi) projects.

The tech around DeFi remains the subject of much development and debate but it appears to be having an impact on Australian trading activity.

Sam Jacobs has the details.


8. These gold explorers drew investor crowd to Perth mining seminar

Let’s face it, there’s definitely no shortage of investor interest in gold right now.

And investors will take every opportunity to get in on a good gold story.

That’s probably why Media & Capital Partners’ Gold ‘n Brews Investment Seminar was so well attended last week.

Investors got the chance to hear from four successful gold explorers. Find out who they were if you missed it.


9. Animal health: The $67bn hidden gem of the global healthcare market

There aren’t many players but animal health is a massively lucrative market — worth $US47bn (~$67bn) in 2019, with an expected annual growth rate of more than 5 per cent.

But investors may not realise just how big this market can be for Australian players.

Sam Jacobs gets the inside perspective from a handful of ASX-listed stocks.


10. The Secret Broker: Too much speculating can make a grown man cry!

This week’s TSB is a corker – onion futures? Really? Apparently, it was a thing once.

And a really good example of how market manipulation can go pear shaped! Or in this case onion shaped, and it will leave you sobbing.

Have a good weekend!