Self isolation is certainly spurring on some people’s creativity. Check out how people are keeping themselves entertained amid the COVID-19 shambles.

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Or maybe a little indoor beekeeping? Because that isn’t going to end badly.

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Now, here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Remote control: 5 medtechs set to benefit from the surge in demand for tele-health solutions

The coronavirus-induced market carnage of the last few weeks has rattled plenty of investor nerves.

But as with any major correction, some industries feel the brunt of the impact while for others, the dramatic shift presents an opportunity.

And right now, anything that allows you to remotely monitor your health is witnessing increased demand.

So Sam Jacobs took a look at five medtechs with a diverse range of products that could be poised to benefit amid the ongoing fallout from COVID-19.


2. The new App to keep you fit in lockdown

It looks like our readers are looking for anything and everything they can use to keep themselves occupied, and evidently fit, in this very unique situation.

That’s good, after all we don’t want to end up like the Americans – no supersizing here thanks!

One app in particular offers everyday Aussies the option to stream their workout, but also throws a lifeline to the thousands of health coaches urgently trying to take their businesses online.

Check it out if you missed it.


3. Rule #1 for raising money in a crisis: go hard, go early

The last thing anyone wants to do is have to try and raise money when markets are collapsing. That’s why experts are telling companies to go in hard and fast.

Because, according to KPMG, you don’t want “to be at the backend of the wave”.

Those poor investors will be way too “deal fatigued”.

See what other advice KPMG has for businesses in the current market.


4. These small caps are chasing elephants in the Paterson

The Paterson Province is a pretty hot exploration spot right now thanks to recent discoveries like Rio Tinto’s (ASX:RIO) Winu project.

This has lured a bunch of explorers like Antipa Minerals (ASX:AZY) and Paterson Resources (ASX:PSL) to the region.

Bevis Yeo provided a detailed rundown of the players in the Paterson.


5. The top five WA gold stocks likely to be on the radar of the majors

Few sectors of the global economy are flourishing in these uncertain times like Australian gold mining.

A combination of factors including gold’s status as a safe haven investment, global monetary policy in response to the coronavirus threat and exchange rate movements have this week driven the Australian dollar gold price to a record of almost $2750 an ounce.

At this level, all but the most marginal of Australian gold miners are making very healthy profits.

This means they will be cashed up and looking for growth opportunities.

And these are the junior explorers that are likely to be in their sights.


6. COVID oil crash may put pressure on the ASX’s US frackers

US oil companies are being besieged by OPEC and Russia, which are again seeking to break the back of American shale.

And as markets tumble around the world, the term ‘cash is king’ is making a comeback, which may put pressure on ASX small caps with oil exploration and production operations in the US.

According to Stockhead data, there are 16 small caps with oil operations in the US.

Rachel Williamson runs through the impact of falling oil prices and just which companies have enough cash in the bank to weather the storm.


7. Full throttle: China is back to work and iron ore will be in demand

China is cranking up the factories again and a number of market commentators are tipping the Asian behemoth will soon start rolling out more significant stimulus measures to ignite its economy.

Beijing’s direction of $US500bn ($845bn) towards capital investment in response to the 2008 financial crisis provides a strong hint of what’s to come.

As has happened in the past, China’s stimulus injections have led to a massive ramp up in infrastructure projects.

This is good news for a number of commodities, starting with iron ore.


8. L1 Capital thinks these ASX stocks have been oversold

Coronavirus has sparked one of the biggest falls to hit global equities in the history of stock markets.

While no one is able to predict when this crisis will be over, money managers from Alex Waislitz to Geoff Wilson believe that stocks which were indiscriminately hit without regard to their fundamentals will be quick to rebound.

Check out which companies L1 reckons have been oversold.


9. Recession-proof stocks revisited — how this defensive sector is holding up in the downturn

Telecommunications infrastructure is a core service that clients still need even if the economy tanks.

No sector has been spared entirely from the selloff, but some of the recent price action has still been representative of a more defensive asset class.

For example, the recent volatility has seen the ASX200 financials index — a gauge of Australia’s big banks — crash by more than 10 per cent on two separate days since March 16.

But on both those days (most recently last Monday), Telstra finished in the green.

At the smaller end of town, Sam Jacobs caught up with Joe Demase, CEO of 5G Networks (ASX:5GN), to get an update about how business is tracking on the ground.


10. COVID crisis sends takeovers to the wall, opportunist buyers emerge

Takeovers are beginning to fall over and small caps with stretched balance sheets are having to raise money in the worst market environment since 1987.

Opportunists have already begun hunting for bargains on the ASX, while capital raisings that turn over control of a company for rock bottom prices have begun to pop up.

Rachel Williamson has compiled a summary of the recent takeover deals and capital raisings.

We hope you haven’t got bad cabin fever! Have a good weekend!