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Back in Oz here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.

1. Nickel volatility is still very much a thing, here’s how to make the right pick

Nickel’s boisterous late-year run is well and truly over – for now, anyway.

Prices have plunged from highs of over $US18,000 per tonne in early September to below $US14,000.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel: S&P Global reckons that nickel will be one of the best performing commodities going forward.

Read more about the prospects for nickel.


2. On the Radar: 5 small caps that brokers pick for growth in the months ahead

Much like getting a tip on the ponies, finding out which stocks brokers favour is always an audience puller.

Stockhead’s own Dr Data, Nick Sundich, scoured the brokers reports this week to highlight the top five small caps brokers reckon will do well heading into next year.

If you missed it, head on over to check out who made the list. Hint: There’s a gold explorer, a rare earths contender and a pain detection software provider on the list.


3. IPO Watch: Innovative wheel maker Carbon Revolution soars +30pc on debut

We all want to know who the next ASX debutante is and the most recent was innovative wheel maker Carbon Revolution (ASX:CBR).

The company listed on the ASX midday last Friday and immediately jumped 36 per cent.

In fact, it is now up nearly 44 per cent. A pretty impressive start to listed life. Of course it helps Carbon Revolution is already pulling in revenue — $15.1m in FY19, nearly double FY18, although it did incur a net loss of $22.4m.

But the company promises it is on track to become EBITDA positive during the fourth quarter of FY20.


4. Tim Treadgold: Lithium stocks close to the bottom, it’s time to revisit a sold-down sector

Everyone is holding out hope for the beat-up lithium sector.

As TT says: It’s not easy being a lithium enthusiast when the price of the material has dropped by 65 per cent in less than two years and the share-prices of mining stocks exposed to the battery metal have fallen further, and in some case the business has simply collapsed.

But apparently that’s all about to change.

Read on to find out what’s happening in the EV market and why it’s good for lithium.


5. Mining services stocks have had a good year — here’s an expert view on the sector outlook

Mining services is a good barometer for just how well the resources industry is doing.

Because (obviously) if mining services companies have a lot of work on the books it must mean miners have the money to pay them.

Having crunched some numbers, Stockhead’s data team showed the ASX small caps operating in the space have had a pretty good year.

Of the 20 stocks in the list, 15 notched up a positive 12-month return, and the group as a whole posted an average gain of 30 per cent.

Not bad. Check out who is winning in this space and the outlook for mining services.


6. Who’s close to uncovering the next Nova or Fosterville?

There have been several fascinating mineral discoveries this year.

In September, gold producer Alkane Resources (ASX:ALK) discovered a potentially massive porphyry gold-copper system in Central NSW.

Later the same month, explorer Stavely Minerals (ASX:SVY) made a huge copper discovery at its namesake project in Victoria.

So where will the next big discovery come from?

Watch this space.


7. The health sector has been the ASX’s top performer in 2019, but could a recession stop it in its tracks?

No other sector among ASX small caps has had a better year than the health sector.

On average small caps in this industry have gained 27 per cent. By comparison, mining has only gained 11 per cent and tech 18 per cent.

But with whispers of a looming recession does that mean healthcare stocks will reverse all their well earned gains?

It’s no “Choose Your Own Adventure” but it will definitely give you some insight on what could be in store for the health sector.


8. Black gold rising: Here are November’s top 10 oil & gas small caps

Oil & gas is capturing a greater share of the spotlight these days — what with drone attacks taking out Saudi oil supplies and the east coast gas crisis, it isn’t surprising it is grabbing headlines again.

And we do a recap every month now, so you can count on us reminding you of the top 10 oil & gas small caps to keep you fresh in the game.

See who made November’s list.


9. Some crazy cleantech ideas investors reckon might make money one day

2019 has been a hard year for renewable energy generation developers, as technical, bureaucratic and financial hurdles have combined to make finishing projects difficult.

But these issues have uncovered new possible ways to make money from the national energy market.

So just what edge technologies could be come fashionably cool and moneymaking?

Rachel Williamson runs you through them and who is playing in those fields.


10. The Secret Broker: Research your way to a portfolio podium finish for the next 20 years

TSB is never a dull read and this week’s instalment is no exception. Our mystery expert proffers some food for thought with the mind-blowing realisation that not all industries will be around in 20 years.

So our portfolios (and our kids) need a little steering in the right direction for maximum performance.

TSB offers the perfect example, Jeff Bezos: in 1995, he was researching trends for the hedge fund he was working at when he discovered the early growth of the internet. This prompted him to write a list of 20 businesses that he thought would best adapt if this trend continued. Eventually he settled on books.

And Amazon was born. Now he’s really, really, really rich. The end.

If you haven’t had a gander check out what industries TSB thinks will be survivors in 20 years.


Have a good weekend!