In Amsterdam, it looks like “Married at First Sight” has come off the screen and into real life.

In a report by Independent Digital News & Media, Joanna Whitehead married an “Amsterdammer” for a day – an initiative that pairs visitors with locals so they can “share their daily lives to build meaningful connections”.

Welcome to the 21st Century people!

Here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Why more small caps are breaking into South American cannabis

You all still love cannabis! And this one was particularly attention grabbing with references to big illegal drug cartels and the infamous Pablo Escobar (good Netflix series BTW).

Some of the reasons South America is a favoured location for illegal drug production, like great growing conditions and low cost of labour, may help it dominate the medical and recreational cannabis markets.

And more ASX small caps are breaking into the space.

For example, BPH Energy (ASX:BPH) recently took an initial 10 per cent stake in private medical cannabis company Patagonia Genetics.

BPH chairman David Breeze told Stockhead that Latin America had characteristics that could make it a global leader in cannabis production.

If you missed it, don’t worry, just click here.


2. Riva Group eyes Australia as it positions for growth in the multi-billion dollar global esports market

Esports is another one our readers like. And why not? After all it is a $US130 billion market.

Dubai-based Riva Group wants a piece of that very valuable pie, and is eying Australia as its next opportunity.

Riva Group is even catering for women (which we love here at Stockhead) by licensing the popular Girl Gamer festival, which is now one of the largest esports competitions in the world.

“If you look at the recent Fortnite competition, you had around 100 finalists and not one of them was a woman. But over a third of all gamers globally are women, and likewise for the global esports viewing audience,” Riva Group chairman Paul Roy said.

Check it out.


3. Stars & Swipes: Here are the most popular US stocks and ETFs among Australian investors

This week we launched a new “Stars & Swipes” feature that you all took to like fish to water, pigs to mud, children to lollies… well you get the idea.

Most Australian small-cap investors have a number of trading options when it comes to buying and selling shares on the ASX.

But getting exposure to global markets is just a wee bit tougher.

Problem solved: there is now a new trading service that gives Aussie investors simple access to the really, really, really big US market.

And we have given you a rundown of the popular US stocks and ETFs among Aussie investors.

If you haven’t read it already, I’m sure you’re just dying to know how it works – see for yourself.


4. K2Fly inks a three-year deal with Newcrest Mining, eyes opportunities in the US market

K2Fly got a lot of interest because it picked itself up a new contract. But it wasn’t just any old company, it was one of the world’s largest gold miners – Newcrest Mining (ASX:NCM).

The company will provide its RCubed software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to Newcrest in a three-year deal and it will get paid a tidy $330,000 for its trouble.

The software will be used to speed up the reporting process for Newcrest’s mineral resources and reserves at seven sites across Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Read all about it.


5. Barry FitzGerald: Legend, Mark Creasy and the Fraser Range make it a nickel stock to watch

Mention Mark Creasy and nickel and watch the hits tick up. Why? Because Creasy is a superstar in the mining world and nickel is really hot right now.

And Legend has both – not a bad spot to be in really.

Legend is also on its way to holding some $14m in cash (including a final $3m payment from a previous iron ore asset sale), giving it the firepower to hit the ground hard over the next three years or so.

As Garimpeiro says, “it will be one to watch”.


6. Who made the gains? Here are August’s Top 50 small cap miners and explorers

Of course everyone wants to know if their resources stocks are among Stockhead’s monthly top 50!

August was a mixed bag of movers, with the top five stocks getting a boost from high purity alumina, an iron ore project sale, gold and now its partner in crime, silver.

Silver is definitely getting more interesting now the price has started to move.

Historically, silver tends to track the gold price up and down, eventually. It’s moving now, reaching +$US18/oz in late August. It has moved further since then.

Check out the Top 50.


7. Money Talks: Are we heading to $US2000/oz gold prices?

Well it got to $2000 an ounce Aussie, can the gold price get to $2000 an ounce in US dollars?

One expert certainly thinks so.

Stuart Roberts, co-founder of Sydney-based Pitt Street Research, is taking a punt on the two commodities that are at contrasting ends of their respective price cycles – gold and lithium.

Gold is hot, but Roberts believes the price still has room to run.

“This is just a gut feel, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see $US2000/oz in the not too distant future.”

But what about lithium?

Roberts reckons there is reason to be bullish.

“It will only be the true believers like me that stick around and keep following the sector. But I think, in time, these people will be rewarded.”

See what else he has to say.


8. Wall Street is buying into fintechs; ASX small caps up 60pc in six months

It’s got to be a good sign when big US banks start buying into a particular sector right?

Well in this case fintech has caught the attention of the likes of Goldman Sachs, Citi and JP Morgan.

And Aussie fintech stocks are benefiting – some may not have US banks onboard, but they have witnessed a very nice 60 per cent gain over the past six months.

Buy now, pay later stocks are still doing well as investors stick around.

See what other fintechs are doing well right now.


9. This delivery tech business wants to be the next GetSwift — without the mistakes

Stockhead’s Private-i column is certainly getting a good audience this week.

This instalment covered off how one private Irish delivery tech company is determined not to make the same mistakes others have.

VROMO wants to be the next GetSwift — but without the drama that has haunted the once-vaunted Aussie tech stock.

The company’s mission is to connect brands to customers during last mile delivery, a term used in the industry to describe the movement of goods to its final destination.

Last mile delivery is where GetSwift (ASX:GSW) specialises, but sadly it is not doing too well.

It’s an intriguing story.


10. The RBA just got together with billion-dollar tech unicorn Airwallex to talk payments

Another Private-i to round out our top 10.

When a private tech player finds itself on the radar of the RBA, it must really know its stuff.

Last week RBA governor Philip Lowe had a cosy little tête-à-tête with the boss of billion-dollar tech unicorn Airwallex.

Airwallex is a global payments platform launched out Melbourne.

CEO Jack Zhang said Dr Lowe was keen to learn from a company who in one sense had already been there, done that.

You can find out what else the RBA was interested in garnering from Airwallex.


Have a good weekend!