To keep readers entertained during the Christmas season we’ve recapped our best-read stories of 2019; it’s especially handy for taking your mind off the dreaded ‘Boxing Day bloat’. You’re welcome.

The traditional 12 Days of Christmas covers things like partridges, golden rings, and milking maids. Our stocking is better — full to the brim with battery metals, infant formula, expert stock picks, and resources ‘movers and shakers’.

To kick off the series we have a little ditty about which commodities cross the line into 2020 as winners.

In July, our resources gun Reuben Adams asked the experts — which commodities would be frontrunners in the second half of 2019?

And here’s what they said…

Gold, iron ore and rare earths would maintain momentum, base metals would pull back (maybe) and battery metals would languish, while vanadium was due a (small) recovery.

Check out their predictions.