Stockhead’s Top 10 at 10, published at 10.15am each trading day, highlights the best (and worst) performing ASX small caps in morning trade using live data.

It’s a short, sharp update to help frame the trading day by showing the biggest movers in percentage terms.

The market opens at 10am (eastern time) and the data is taken at 10:15am, once every ASX stock has commenced trading.

Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort).


Code Name Last % Volume
CGB Cann Global Limited 0.005 25 2530198
IXR Ionic Rare Earths 0.016 23 22209301
LSH Lifespot Health Ltd 0.06 22 1722345
PPY Papyrus Australia 0.017 21 848392
RAN Range International 0.017 21 1583075
RWD Reward Minerals Ltd 0.17 21 328021
MLS Metals Australia 0.003 20 418333
MNB Minbos Resources Ltd 0.003 20 3000000
ICU Isentric Ltd. 0.11 20 4442689
EMT Emetals Limited 0.021 17 2396793
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Potash stock Reward Minerals (ASX:RWD) obtained commonwealth environmental approval for its Lake Disappointment Potash project.

Lifespot Health (ASX:LSH) and Papyrus (ASX:PPY) both rose with news of capital raisings. Lifespot’s announcement was accompanied by a sales update.


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Gold play Chase Mining (ASX:CML) fell after exploration results that left even the company disappointed.

Biotech Mesoblast (ASX:MSB) also dropped after being ordered by the FDA to conduct another clinical trial.