The ASX had a busier-than-usual third quarter for IPOs — recording an increase in float activity compared to the prior quarter and the same period last year.

In the September quarter there were 28 IPOs raising $US2.4 billion ($3.3 billion), according to consultancy EY.

IPO volume in the third quarter was much higher than the previous quarter and significantly higher than the same quarter of 2017.

But, the year-to-date volume was lower than last year.

In the first nine months of the year, there were 63 IPOs accounting for about $US4 billion. For all of 2017 there were 96 IPOs.

“In a normally quiet quarter, Asia-Pacific experienced some exciting IPO activity, led by Greater China and Australia,” EY Asia-Pacific IPO leader Ringo Choi said.

“Geopolitical uncertainties, ongoing trade tensions and the potential impact of the interest rate cycle are propelling companies, particularly in greater China, to get their IPOs to the public markets faster in an effort to take advantage of current valuations.”

Best performing IPOs over the past year

While IPO activity may be on the rise, unfortunately not all that have made their debut in the past year have done so well.

Only about a third of recent ASX entrants have gained ground since listing.

Here’s a list of 110 ASX IPOs from the past year or so, showing how they’ve performed since their debut:

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ASX codeCompanyPrice change since listingPrice Oct 2 (intraday)Issue priceListing dateMarket Cap
CAGCAPE RANGE6.951.590.2Nov 30, 2017129.7M
TTTTITOMIC6.9251.5850.2Sep 21, 2017105.1M
AU8AUMAKE30.320.08Oct 5, 201785.5M
MCAMURRAY COD2.40.170.05Jan 30, 201768.8M
TNOTANDO RESOURCES2.255813953490.140.043Nov 3, 201726.1M
KTDKEYTONE DAIRY 2.1750.6350.2Jul 18, 201896.8M
AGHALTHEA 1.850.570.2Sep 21, 2018116.9M
CPVCLEARVUE TECH1.7250.5450.2May 25, 201852.3M
ADTADRIATIC METALS1.30.460.2May 1, 201862.8M
PPEPEOPLE INFRASTRUCTURE1.162.161Nov 22, 2017139.7M
NWLNETWEALTH1.155405405417.9753.7Nov 20, 20171.9B
EXLELIXINOL GLOBAL 0.981.981Jan 8, 2018205.9M
5GN5G NETWORKS0.960.490.25Nov 17, 201723.7M
RCLREADCLOUD0.9250.3850.2Feb 7, 201833.7M
EM2EAGLE MOUNTAIN0.7750.3550.2Mar 16, 201829.6M
MRLMAYUR RES0.750.70.4Sep 21, 2017107.4M
S66STAR COMBO PHARMA0.740.870.5May 16, 201870.8M
WGNWAGNERS0.6236162361624.42.71Dec 8, 2017710.1M
PVSPIVOTAL SYSTEMS0.580645161292.941.86Jul 2, 2018316.3M
ROOROOTS SUSTAINABLE0.50.30.2Dec 7, 201718.6M
PYGPAYGROUP0.440.720.5May 29, 201838.2M
CXLCALIX 0.4150943396230.750.53Jul 20, 201892.2M
CR1CONSTELLATION RESOURCES0.40.280.2Jul 30, 20189.8M
RCWRIGHTCROWD0.3333333333330.40.3Sep 18, 201753.3M
SCTSCOUT SECURITY0.3250.2650.2Aug 25, 201727.6M
TMRTEMPUS RESOURCES0.30.260.2Aug 15, 2018174.1M
TLXTELIX PHARMA0.2538461538460.8150.65Nov 15, 20179.7M
STNSATURN METALS0.250.250.2Mar 9, 201814.0M
SP3SPECTUR0.2250.2450.2Aug 1, 201712.8M
VENVINTAGE ENERGY0.2250.2450.2Sep 17, 201864.1M
HLAHEALTHIA0.221.221Sep 11, 201875.6M
CWXCARAWINE RES0.20.240.2Dec 14, 201813.4M
KRXKOPPAR RESOURCES0.1750.2350.2May 30, 20187.5M
NTDNATIONAL TYRE0.171.171Dec 15, 2017119.7M
TGOTRIMANTIUM GROWTHOPS0.111.111Mar 16, 2018123.3M
GALGALILEO MINING0.0750.2150.2May 29, 201825.9M
PFPPROPEL FUNERAL0.03333333333332.792.7Nov 23, 2017272.9M
PGXPRIMERO GROUP0.0250.410.4Jul 9, 201862.0M
14D1414 DEGREES00.350.35Sep 12, 201863.8M
ARNALDORO RES00.20.2Sep 11, 20186.9M
DBFDUXTON BROADACRE01.51.5Feb 8, 201864.7M
IXUIXUP00.20.2Nov 15, 201731.7M
SILSMILES INCLUSIVE -0.0250.9751Apr 27, 201857.4M
SLZSULTAN RESOURCES-0.0250.1950.2Aug 16, 20186.2M
BAHBOJUN AGRICULTURE -0.03333333333330.290.3Dec 1, 201735.2M
NEWNEW ENERGY SOLAR-0.03666666666671.4451.5Dec 4, 2017505.4M
RMYRMA GLOBAL- 5, 201888.3M
SECSPHERIA EMERGING-0.05251.8952Dec 5, 2017123.4M
DXNDATA EXCHANGE-0.0750.1850.2Apr 11, 201832.8M
G1AGALENA MINING -0.0750.1850.2Sep 7, 201762.3M
TINTNT MINES-0.0750.1850.2Nov 3, 20175.8M
BC8BLACK CAT- 30, 201810.0M
VEAVIVA ENERGY-0.1022.2452.5Jul 13, 20184.4B
B2YBOUNTY MINING -0.1142857142860.310.35Jun 19, 2018105.2M
JLGJOHNS LYNG GROUP-0.120.881Oct 26, 2017195.3M
A1CAIC RESOURCES- 1, 201712.8M
JMSJUPITER MINES-0.150.340.4Apr, 2018666.1M
PRZPARAZERO- 18, 201814.9M
PKDPARKD- 6, 201712.8M
GASSTATE GAS - 10, 201722.9M
CRDCREDIBLE LABS -0.17355371900811.21Dec 8, 2017263.5M
CG1CARBONXT GROUP-0.1857142857140.570.7Jan 23, 201842.0M
ED1EVANS DIXON-0.1882.032.5May 14, 2018463.7M
CP1CANNPAL ANIMAL- 25, 201714.9M
WNDWINDLAB-0.2251.552Aug 23, 2017103.1M
BDGBLACK DRAGON-0.2250.1550.2Aug 29, 201812.9M
AS1ANGEL SEAFOOD - 21, 201818.9M
AR9archTIS- 21, 201820.3M
MMMMARLEY SPOON -0.2605633802821.051.42Jul 2, 2018$121M
NESNELSON RESOURCES -0.2750.1450.2Dec 7, 20176.9M
SISSIMBLE SOLUTIONS-0.2750.1450.2Feb 22, 201815.5M
BCBBOWEN COKING COAL (RTO)-0.3043478260870.0160.023Oct 10, 20179.2M
BEMBLACKEARTH -0.3250.1350.2Jan, 19 20188.2M
LRMLUSTRUM MINERALS-0.3250.1350.2Nov 15, 20174.8M
IHRINTELLIHR-0.3333333333330.20.3Jan 23, 201820.9M
BGTBIO-GENE TECH-0.3750.1250.2Nov 29, 201716.6M
MKGMAKO GOLD-0.3750.1250.2Apr 16, 20187.9M
N27NORTHERN COBALT-0.3750.1250.2Sep 22, 20176.4M
KSSKLEOS SPACE- 24, 201814.4M
VN8VONEX- 13, 201818.4M
P2PP2P TRANSPORT-0.4053030303030.7851.32Dec 13, 201765.7M
RZIRAIZ INVEST -0.44444444444411.8Jun 21, 201866.2M
AX8ACCELERATE RES -0.450.110.2Feb 14, 20185.2M
NC6NANOLLOSE-0.450.110.2Oct 16, 20178.2M
BYHBRYAH RESOURCES-0.4750.1050.2Oct 17, 20175.9M
CM1COOLGARDIE MINERALS-0.4750.1050.2Aug 30, 201810.9M
SWFSELFWEALTH-0.5050.0990.2Nov 23, 201712.8M
CCGCOMMSCHOICE-0.520.120.25Dec 21, 201713.1M
GO2GO2 PEOPLE-0.5250.0950.2Oct 31, 201711.2M
RGLRIVERSGOLD -0.550.090.2Oct 10, 20177.5M
TIETIETTO MINERALS-0.5650.0870.2Jan 18, 201818.9M
CY5CYGNUS GOLD-0.570.0860.2Jan 15, 20185.3M
NUSNUSANTARA RESOURES-0.5714285714290.180.42Aug 2, 201722.2M
SDXSIENNA CANCER-0.5750.0850.2Aug 3, 201722.7M
WMLWOOMERA MINING-0.6050.0790.2Mar 5, 20188.9M
EN1ENGAGE:BDR-0.7050.0590.2Dec 14, 201716.8M
PODPODIUM MINERALS-0.740.0520.2Feb 28, 20185.0M
WHKWHITEHAWK-0.780.0440.2Jan 24, 20183.3M
FDXFRONTIER DIAMOND -0.8050.0390.2Jan 5, 20188.9M
CLICROPLOGIC-0.8750.0250.2Sep 12, 20173.2M
RD1REGISTRY DIRECT -0.880.0240.2Nov 1, 20173.1M

Euro Manganese (ASX:EMN) is the latest explorer to light up the ASX, making its debut on Tuesday at a 25 per cent premium to its 26c issue price.

The company hit an intra-day high of 32.5c on the trade of 470,645 shares worth $139,900.

Euro Manganese is the first to dual list in Australia and Canada at the exact same time.

“What we did here was unprecedented,” chief Marco Romero told Stockhead following its debut on Tuesday.

“No company has ever listed at the same time in Australia and in Canada. This is the first ever dual IPO.”

Euro Manganese’s core business — and current ‘sole focus’ — is the development of its Chvaletice manganese project, in the small town of Chvaletice in the Czech Republic.
Manganese is the fourth-most-traded metal in the world. Only aluminium, iron ore and copper are more widely used.

About 90 per cent of manganese goes into steel-making, but it’s increasingly used in next-generation battery and power storage applications.

Mr Romero predicts there will be a “very significant increase” in demand largely due to the rapid growth in the electric vehicle market.

“Manganese has long been neglected as a battery raw material, which it is very clearly so and has been for a very long time in fact,” he said.

“We have the opportunity to bring to market a strategic alternative or complement to existing production just at a time when there is explosive demand growth emerging, particularly from the automotive industry that is rapidly electrifying all over the world and particularly in Europe.”

Business software maker Cape Range (ASX:CAG) has been by far the best performing IPO, gaining 695 per cent since it listed in late November last year.

After doing nothing following its debut at 20c, the stock suddenly took off at the start of July and landed itself a please explain from the ASX over the sudden share price spike that eventually took it to a new high of $2.25.

It is currently trading at $1.59.

3D printer Titomic (ASX:TTT) is also a seven-bagger since it listed in September last year.

Titomic listed after a $6.5 million IPO with a vision to build the world’s biggest and fastest metal 3D printer.

It launched that printer in Melbourne in May. Titomic was last trading around $1.59 as well.

Telix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:TLX) is up 308 per cent at almost 82c. The company debuted on the ASX last November in what was one of the biggest biotech IPOs in recent times.

Telix is pre-revenue but is bringing to market a late-stage pipeline of cancer drugs and diagnostic products, based on radiopharmaceuticals or molecularly-targeted radiation.

Of the resources players, Tando Resources (ASX:TNO) has advanced 226 per cent (it recently underwent a 4.62-for-1 share split) and is trading at about 14c.

The company, which made its ASX debut in November last year, just completed the acquisition of the SPD vanadium project in South Africa.

Vanadium prices recently hit their highest point since 2005, pushing through the magical $US20/lb ($27.56) mark amid ongoing supply concerns.

Eagle Mountain Mining (ASX:EM2) has also been a top performer with its share price appreciating 77.5 per cent to 35.5c.

The explorer hit the ASX on March 16 after completing a $12.5 million raising to fund its hunt for gold and copper in the US.

Eagle Mountain has accumulated acreage along a 6km outcrop in the so-called Pacific Horizon prospect in Arizona.

Arizona is highly prospective for copper and has traditionally accounted for more than half of all of the copper produced in the US.

Brisbane-based, Papua New Guinea-focused Mayur Resources (ASX:MRL) has climbed 75 per cent since listing a year ago. It is now trading at 70c.

The company recently announced it had short-listed and was issuing tender documents to engineering, procurement and construction contractors for its Moresby lime and cement project – the first project of its kind in PNG.

The Moresby project is expected to produce 250,000 tonnes of quicklime (used in steelmaking) and 1.5 million tonnes of cement.

Which IPOs are next in line to make an ASX debut

Here’s a list of 55 upcoming IPOs:

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CompanyASX codeIPO statusFocusFund raisingIssue price
3G Coal3GCOffer open Oct 3 to Nov 9Coking coal$6m20c
AltheaAGHOffer open, due to list Sep 21Cannabis$19.7m20c
AMD Resources ADMCancelledGold, silver$22m50c
Andes Resources-Planning IPO this year; prospectus not yet lodgedGold$3-5m-
archTISAR9Delayed; was due to list Aug 27Data security$8-10m20c
Awati ResourcesAWAPostponedGold$4.5-5.5m20c
Biomics BiopharmaBBMDelayed multiple timesChina-based biotech$13-16m20c
Candy Club-In pre-IPO rounds; considering floatSubscription confectionaryunknown-
Canterbury ResourcesCBYDue to list Oct 31Copper, gold$7.8m30c
Caprice ResourcesCRSDue to list Sep 26Gold, base metals$4.5m20c
Carnaby Resources-Prospectus not yet issuedGoldunknown-
Centaur ResourcesCR3Offer open Oct 4-25. Listing due Nov 6Lithium and other battery metals$15m20c
China TrackCTCDelayed; was due to list Jun 11Bulldozer parts$32-40m80c
Coronado CoalCRNDue to list Oct 29Coking coal$1.4bn$4 to $4.80
Cowan LithiumCOWSpin-off from Tawana. Offer open Aug 30 to Sep 27; listing Oct 8Lithium$6-8m20c
EcoMag-Postponed until later in 2018Magnesium$3-5m20c
Eden HealthETKWas due to list Jul 11Kiwi fruit-focused AgTech$15.6-20m20c
Frugl Pre-IPO funding; planning listingGrocery price comparison tba-
Golden State MiningGSMOffer open Sep 3-28; listing Oct 12Gold$4.5-5.5m20c
Haixi PharmaHXPDelayed multiple timesChina-based, pain relief biotech$25-30m50c
Hao Xian Yang--Beef, mutton and vegetarian meat$1-1.5m20c
HealthiaWas due to list on Sep 11Podiatry$26.8m$1
International Cobalt ResourcesICROffer closes Oct 11; Due to list Oct 22Cobalt, nickel, gold$5-6m30c
IdentitiiID8Offer open Aug 16-31; listing due Sep 19Blockchain$11m75c
Jobstore GroupJOBOffer closes Nov 13; due to list Dec 5AI-powered recruitment$6.6-8m20c
Kaiyun Holdings-Closing Oct 15; due to list Oct 29 on NSXChina-focused copper and gold$3-4m20c
Fiji Kava-Due to list in OctoberKava producer$5.2m20c
METALS 479ML7CancelledSilver$5-7m-
Moho ResourcesMOHDue to list Sep 29Gold, nickel, copper$4.5-6m20c
Montem ResourcesMR1Due to list Sep 27Canada-focused coking coal$15-20m50c
NanoveuNVUOffer closes Oct 19; Due to list Nov 13D image technology$4.5-6m20c
Neuroscientific BiopharmaNSBWas due to list in JulyAlzheimer’s$5-6m20c
Nice-VendDue to list Oct 2Slushy machines$7.5m20c
NichelivingNLHExtended to Sep 14Residential developer$5-12m50c
Norwest MineralsNWMSpin-off from Australian Mines (ASX:AUZ) due to list Oct 29Gold and base metals$6.6m20c
Ocean GuardianOCGCancelledShark deterrent$5m-
PINCHmePINOffer closes Oct 5; Due to list Oct 16Data gathering$8m50c
Power Asia LimitedP88Offer extendedRenewable energy$9m20c
ProspaPGLPostponedsmall business loans$146m3.64
QEMQEMCloses Sep 10; was due to list Sep 20Vanadium$5m20c
Rolek ResourcesRLKBackdoor listing via Shaw River (ASX:SRR)Manganese$5m2c
Rong Yu PharmaRY8DelayedTraditional Chinese Medicine$14-20m20c
Secure2Go GroupS2GPostponed indefinitelyCyber security$4-5m30c
Security MattersSMXWas due to list Sep 18Blockchain$5-6.5m20c
Shekel Brainweigh-Offer due to close Oct 12; Due to list Oct 26Weighing technologies$10.15m35c
SpreedboxSBXCancelledCloud computing$4.2-4.9m20c
Stealth GlobalSGIDue to list Sep 19Workplace product distributor$12.5m20c
StirfireSFSCancelledVideo games$5-7m20c
StrakerSTGOffer open until Oct 11Translation software$21.2m$1.51
Tartana Resources-IPO suspended due to ASIC queryZinc, copper$5-6m-
Trigg MiningTMGPostponed indefinitelyPotash$4-6m-
Universal BiosecurityUBLDelayedSafe pest control$5m20c
XS ResourcesXS1Due to list Nov 29Precious, base metals$4.5m20c
Zaige Waste ManagementZGZDelayedChina-based recycling$14-20m0.2

Israeli slushy-machine maker Nice-Vend was due to ring the bell on Tuesday, but is yet to announce it has been admitted to the Official List.

Nice-Vend makes and sells vending machines — branded “quinzee machines” — that make slushies (or frozen soft drinks).

The next cab off the rank is Cowan Lithium, which is penned in for an October 8 listing.

The company was spun out of Tawana Resources (ASX:TAW) earlier this year and launched an IPO to raise $8 million selling shares at 20c each.

The Perth-based company has two main lithium projects, Cowan and Yallari, in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia plus an iron ore project in Liberia.

Following Cowan is gold explorer Golden State Mining, which is expecting to list on October 12.

Meanwhile, there have been several hold-ups of floats, largely due to a backlog at the ASX and ASIC issues.

Moho Resources was due to list before the end of September but says it now expects to list at the end of October.

Vanadium and oil shale play QEM was expecting to be listed by September 20, but is now thinking it will make its debut within the next month.

China Track, which makes replacement undercarriage parts for crawler-type of construction equipment, appears to have gone AWOL.

The company had been planning to list at the start of the year but its IPO was delayed.

However, attempts by Stockhead to contact the company were futile, with the company no longer having an active website and its phone number disconnected.