Opyl’s contracts with two new clinical trial customers have validated the company’s pivot to focus on AI technology and its recruitment platform, Opin.

Digital health company Opyl (ASX:OPL) has just signed two new clinical trial recruitment contracts – validating its focus on AI technology platforms and clinical trial recruitment tool, Opin.

The two clinical trials – the ASPIRING (haemorrhagic stroke) and STRONGER (Long COVID)  – are both global neurology studies,  and are two of the largest recruitment projects Opin has undertaken to date.

The Opin platform will be used in these two clinical trials to recruit patients, leveraging the platform’s social media channels and global reach.

The channels will deliver information about the trials to potential participants, carers, and healthcare providers in order to drive rapid recruitment of qualified and motivated participants.

The STRONGER study for example, will be recruiting in Spanish as well as English, highlighting the capabilities of the Opin team to recruit in other languages.

“Our track record of recruitment success to date and word of mouth is driving increased interest in the Opin platform with global and local biopharma, medtech and researchers,” said Opyl CEO, Michelle Gallaher.

“Many have approached us requesting quotes on planned studies to sites across APAC, and also rescuing studies in recruitment distress,” she added.



The Phase III trial known as ASPIRING, or Antiplatelet Secondary Prevention International Randomised Trial, is led by Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) in Perth.

The STRONGER study on the other hand, is investigating a statin treatment for COVID-19 to optimise neurological recovery and is led by The George Institute (TGI) for Global Health in Sydney.

Opin has commenced recruitment to the STRONGER study and is currently ahead of plan in NSW, with preparation underway to commence recruitment into additional Australian sites and a South American site, in Spanish.

“The STRONGER study is the largest and most complex study Opin has recruited to date,” said Gallagher.

“The multi-country, multi-site and multi-language trial leverages the full capabilities of the Opin platform to identify, match and deliver qualified patients on a global scale,” she added.

While the combined contracts are only worth $0.3m over the next 12 months, Opyl says they validate the company’s pivot to focus on AI technologies and its flagship platform, Opin.


Opin growing rapidly

Sales of Opin are growing rapidly as the Opyl team continues to build a deep pipeline of prospective customers in Australia and New Zealand and preparing to start business development in Korea, Taiwan and the US in May and June.

The team is targeting clinical studies in APAC and the US with an interest in applying AI and social media to solving clinical trial recruitment challenges.

“We have more proposals in the market than we have ever had before,’ said Gallaher, reflecting the intensive focus on sales and growth.

“Our growing customer base and track record of success to date validates the direction and investment made by the company in focussing on expanding Opin, and our clinical trial recruitment offering,” Gallaher added.

Gallaher explains that Opin saves time and money for clinical trials, with 100% of Opin projects recruiting patients ahead of schedule and on budget. With more than 85% of clinical trial failing to recruit to plan, this is a fundamental pain point that Opin is solving.

‘Every Opin recruitment project delivered to date has delivered ahead of plan,” said Gallaher.


Delivering trials faster 

She said that Opin’s successful track record clearly demonstrates that social media and digital solutions enhance and accelerate recruitment to global trials, as well as providing patients with the power to explore emerging treatment options.

Clinical trial recruitment is typically slow and often challenging as it relies heavily upon doctors and health care professionals knowing about trial opportunities and  referring patients into a trial. Doctors can also add further delays by controlling patient selection, or simply don’t know how to participate.   The result translates into delays and a significant missed opportunity for patients who are searching for new and emerging health care options or want to participate in relieving the suffering of others.

Opin.ai solves this problem by matching motivated patients to clinical trials, anywhere in the world. Opin is a one-stop-shop database of every registered trial and study in the world, an extraordinary resource for patients and doctors.

The proprietary platform uses artificial intelligence to search arank a global trial database of more than 58,000 open trials, as well as medical research studies that are searching for participants and healthy volunteers. Opin then matches patients to trials based on publicly available inclusion criteria.

The company says that Opin’s main point of difference is the team’s deep life sciences experience, and its skill in using precision AI-enabled and social media tools to attract the most qualified and appropriately matched participants on a global scale.

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