• Alta Global Group acquires fitness App Steppen, propelling its tech capabilities
  • Acquisition will grow the user base and platform capabilities of trainalta.com enabling martial arts and combat sports gyms and coaches, to better engage and attract fans of MMA and mass affluent fitness consumers
  • Move supports Alta’s vision to transform fans of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) entertainment into fitness and lifestyle participants


Alta Global Group has bought fitness app Steppen, setting the stage for a tech-driven revolution enabling MMA gyms, coaches, and participants to foster deeper connections.

Alta Global Group says the strategic acquisition of Steppen, targeted at the vibrant youth demographic, is part of its ambitious plan to advance its technology capabilities and better serve the vast global martial arts and combat sports sector, while also emphasising its dedication to enhancing user engagement and involvement.

There are more than 100,000 martial arts and combat sports gyms worldwide. While recognised for their high quality in-gym experience, they face challenges in optimising sales channels,  member engagement, and customer onboarding.

Alta’s innovative solutions are transforming these aspects, paving the way for increased member engagement and growth,  revenue retention, and the overall enhancement of gym communities.

The company says it’s on a mission to become the global go-to online marketplace for martial arts through a platform that connects consumers with gyms and coaches for premium online and “in gym” training experiences.

Steppen,  known  for  its  niche  in  aggregating  fitness  content  creators  and  curating  tailored  fitness programs for Generation Z, possesses proprietary tech that aligns well with Alta’s mission.

The acquisition  is  expected  to  streamline  content  creation  for  martial  arts  and  combat  sports  gyms, providing  them,  through  Alta  with  sophisticated  tools  to  further  engage  their  audiences.


Leader on App charts

Since launching in mid-2021 the Steppen  App  has amassed  more  than  400,000  downloads,  the  majority  of which were in the US, with the App peaking at #5 on the health and fitness charts.

The company has a current database of more than 280,000 users.

In addition to acquiring proprietary  technology, Alta will to continue operating the Steppen App and plans to review opportunities to leverage its content expertise and talent to better service its user base.

Alta founder and CEO Nick Langton says the martial arts and combat sports participation sector is poised for incredible growth as interest in MMA at the mass entertainment level surges globally.

“With the acquisition of Steppen, we’re setting the stage for a tech-driven revolution that will allow gyms, coaches, and participants to harness the power of technology, fostering deeper connections with their communities,” he says.

“Steppen’s innovative platform and their expertise in fitness content creation helps accelerate a technology solution that will in the hands of coaches and gym owners, allow them to capture, distribute and monetise their proprietary content more effectively.” Langton says the acquisition “greatly enhances our value proposition and reinforce our mission to uplift the martial arts and combat sports industry.”

“With the strength of the combined entity, the future of our offerings and related technology promises to be dynamic, engaging, and immensely rewarding,” he says.


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