As the Canadian and US recreational cannabis markets explode, market entrants are racing to differentiate themselves with unique products.

The latest effort is “Blissiva” — described as a “female-focused medical cannabis product line”.

The first Blissiva product, a vaporiser device called the Balance Pen — was developed by an obstetrician Dr Leslie Apgar and an entrepreneur Gina Dubbé who “noticed a void in the market for cannabis products that felt safe, approachable, and appealing to a female clientele”.

Canada’s legalisation of recreational cannabis last week has sparked a flurry of announcements from cannabis hopefuls around the world.

Cannabis suppliers and investors are salivating over what could be a market of $C7.2 billion in Canada alone next year, according to Deloitte.

About 30 cannabis-related ASX stocks are also in the race.

The female-focused Balance Pen is aimed at women who suffer from anxiety, said US-based maker Greenhouse Wellness.

“Women are nearly twice as likely as men to be taking medications, with antidepressants used by 16.5 percent of females compared to just under 9 percent of males,” the group says.

The Blissiva Balance Pen in action. Pic:
The Blissiva Balance Pen in action. Pic:

“We started Greenhouse with the intention of delivering cannabis to patients who are suffering and feeling hopeless and let down by more traditional treatment options and prescription drugs.

“As more and more patients came in, we would treat women looking for relief from anxiety and insomnia stemming from major medical disorders or the anxieties faced in everyday life.

“Recommending strains with names like AK-47 or Bubba OG just felt like a disconnect. As women ourselves, we wanted products that felt comfortable, discreet, and luxurious, and we just weren’t seeing a lot of options in the industry as it currently stood,” said Ms Dubbé.

“We formulated it specifically for women to discretely incorporate into their busy lives.  Blissiva functions as a glass of wine, but minus the calories.”

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