Canada’s legalisation of recreational cannabis overnight has so far not had much of an impact on Aussie pot stocks. 

Cannabis suppliers — and investors — are salivating over what could be a market of $C7.2 billion in total sales in 2019, according to Deloitte.

On Wednesday Canada became the first G7 country – and second country in the world after Uruguay – to legalise marijuana for all adults. Each Canadian province has set its own age limit and rules on how to sell the drug – with some opting for storefronts and others pushing business online.

But while a handful of companies including Elixinol Global (ASX:EXL) and MGC Pharma (ASX:MXC) saw their share prices bounce on Tuesday, the tone was subdued on the ASX in the lead up to Canada’s big day.

MMJ (ASX:MMJ), THC Global (ASX:THC), YPB (ASX:YPB) and RotoGro (ASX:RGI) all have exposure to the Canadian recreational market, with Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH) saying they have plans to get in.

The latter two managed to move up a little, with Creso saying it “welcomed” the Canadian move while Roots had no news.

The only big mover was Stemcell United (ASX:SCU) which rose 18 per cent on no news. They are focused on selling traditional medicine into the Asian and particularly Chinese markets.

ASX codeCompany1 day price change6 month price changePrice Oct 17 (intraday)Market Cap ($)
JHLJAYEX HEALTHCARE0.030.66666666673.1c5.0M
BDABOD AUSTRALIA0.010.51219512260.5c41.1M
EXLELIXINOL GLOBAL00.1411764706$1.93240.4M
THCTHC GLOBAL-0.07057.5c78.0M
YPBYPB GROUP-0.06-0.055555555561.7c13.6M
CANCANN GROUP0-0.09$2.72379.7M
CPHCRESO PHARMA0.05-0.107692307758c64.2M
MXCMGC PHARMACEUTIC-0.09-0.12790697677.2c95.8M
MMJMMJ PHYTOTECH0-0.142857142933c75.9M
SCUSTEMCELL UNITED0.18-0.14814814812.6c11.3M
MDCMEDLAB CLINICAL0.02-0.182692307743.5c88.4M
CP1CANNPAL ANIMAL0.03-0.205128205116c14.4M
ROOROOTS SUSTAINABLE0.02-0.276315789527.5c17.6M
BOTBOTANIX PHARMACE0-0.33076923088.7c65.9M
LSHLIFESPOT HEALTH0.06-0.3688.2c6.0M
ZLDZELDA THERAPEUTICS-0.03-0.37272727276.9c53.6M
ITDITL HEALTH GROUP0-0.37517.5c15.0M
AC8AUSCANN GROUP-0.02-0.398648648687.5c275.1M
AEBAFFINITY ENERGY-0.07-0.45833333331.2c12.1M