Canada’s legalisation of recreational cannabis overnight has so far not had much of an impact on Aussie pot stocks. 

Cannabis suppliers — and investors — are salivating over what could be a market of $C7.2 billion in total sales in 2019, according to Deloitte.

On Wednesday Canada became the first G7 country – and second country in the world after Uruguay – to legalise marijuana for all adults. Each Canadian province has set its own age limit and rules on how to sell the drug – with some opting for storefronts and others pushing business online.

But while a handful of companies including Elixinol Global (ASX:EXL) and MGC Pharma (ASX:MXC) saw their share prices bounce on Tuesday, the tone was subdued on the ASX in the lead up to Canada’s big day.

MMJ (ASX:MMJ), THC Global (ASX:THC), YPB (ASX:YPB) and RotoGro (ASX:RGI) all have exposure to the Canadian recreational market, with Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH) saying they have plans to get in.

The latter two managed to move up a little, with Creso saying it “welcomed” the Canadian move while Roots had no news.

The only big mover was Stemcell United (ASX:SCU) which rose 18 per cent on no news. They are focused on selling traditional medicine into the Asian and particularly Chinese markets.

ASX code Company 1 day price change 6 month price change Price Oct 17 (intraday) Market Cap ($)
RNO RHINOMED 0.0345 1.565217391 30c 34.1M
JHL JAYEX HEALTHCARE 0.03 0.6666666667 3.1c 5.0M
BDA BOD AUSTRALIA 0.01 0.512195122 60.5c 41.1M
EXL ELIXINOL GLOBAL 0 0.1411764706 $1.93 240.4M
TPE TPI ENTERPRISES -0.03 0 $1.46 122.4M
THC THC GLOBAL -0.07 0 57.5c 78.0M
YPB YPB GROUP -0.06 -0.05555555556 1.7c 13.6M
CAN CANN GROUP 0 -0.09 $2.72 379.7M
CPH CRESO PHARMA 0.05 -0.1076923077 58c 64.2M
MXC MGC PHARMACEUTIC -0.09 -0.1279069767 7.2c 95.8M
MMJ MMJ PHYTOTECH 0 -0.1428571429 33c 75.9M
SCU STEMCELL UNITED 0.18 -0.1481481481 2.6c 11.3M
MDC MEDLAB CLINICAL 0.02 -0.1826923077 43.5c 88.4M
CP1 CANNPAL ANIMAL 0.03 -0.2051282051 16c 14.4M
ROO ROOTS SUSTAINABLE 0.02 -0.2763157895 27.5c 17.6M
EVE EVE INVESTMENTS 0 -0.3 0.7c 15.9M
BOT BOTANIX PHARMACE 0 -0.3307692308 8.7c 65.9M
LSH LIFESPOT HEALTH 0.06 -0.368 8.2c 6.0M
ZLD ZELDA THERAPEUTICS -0.03 -0.3727272727 6.9c 53.6M
ITD ITL HEALTH GROUP 0 -0.375 17.5c 15.0M
AC8 AUSCANN GROUP -0.02 -0.3986486486 87.5c 275.1M
AEB AFFINITY ENERGY -0.07 -0.4583333333 1.2c 12.1M
ESE ESENSE-LAB 0 -0.6060606061 6.5c 5.2M
CHP CHAPMANS 0 -0.875 0.1c 2.7M
AGH ALTHEA 0.01 na 54.5 109.8M
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