It’s no secret that Australia is home to some of the fastest-growing health app companies in the world. Our technology unicorns have been empowering individuals to take control of their health journeys with the ease of tailored experience and clinical insight available with a simple tap of their phone screen.

Just last month, ResApp (ASX:RAP) received FDA clearance for its prescription-only software-as-a-medical-device SleepCheckRx, and mPort launched Bodymapp; a unique 3D body scanning feature for iPhone users.

Advanced Human Imaging (ASX:AHI) also recently integrated its technology into digital health and wellness company based in the States, Bearn.

Right now, we’re at a point where the accessibility of health apps is paving the way for a future where early diagnosis, fast action and sustainable intervention is possible.

With a recent surge of products to the market, healthcare as we know it is being innovatively transformed and investor interest is contagious. Here are our top picks for health apps making waves right now.

ResAppDx (ASX:RAP):

In the current Australian environment of isolating, long wait times for ambulances and healthcare specialists, more Aussies are turning to telehealth for answers.

ResAppDx uses sound to diagnose respiratory diseases and sends timely results to your doctor to enable effective consultation via telehealth.

These fast diagnoses are imperative for situations of emergency such as recognising asthma in young children and other debilitating respiratory diseases.

The accessible nature of the platform to both patients and doctors ensures a reduced burden on health services and empowers individuals to take control of their health journey.

ResApp recently received 510 clearance for SleepCheckRx as a prescription-only Software-as-a-Medical-Device by the FDA.

“With more than 20 million American adults suffering from sleep apnoea and the majority of those not knowing that they have the condition, this clearance unlocks a significant market opportunity for ResApp,” , CEO Tony Keating says.

ResApp’s share price has increased a staggering 160% in the past 6 months, thanks in no small part to an on-again, off-again acquisition drive from pharma-giant Pfizer.


mPort’s vision to empower people is quickly becoming a reality as they celebrate the launch of the new ‘Bodymapp’ feature. The company had been making 3D body mapping accessible for Australians in selection locations since 2015, but now, users can visualise their fitness progress anytime, anywhere.

The personalised experience will utilise iPhone’s infrared depth sensors to create a 3D avatar that will meticulously capture body shape and fat, measurements, density and other relevant health indexes.

“This has been a long time coming, and we are thrilled to be able to harness the technology of mobile depth sensors to bring accurate health measurements to people whenever and wherever they want to scan”, said Dipra Ray, CEO of mPort.

Having transparent insight into your health journey is imperative to ensuring progress, as data can act as a foundation to forming fitness goals and making necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Medibio (ASX:MEB):

Medibio is a health technology company that is innovating in early detection and screening of mental health conditions. With a vision of a world where data empowers mental wellness, after 25 years of research, Medibio launched its stress tracking app, ‘LUCA’, to identify the true causes of stress in individuals. The personalised technology was developed by Medibio’s neuroscience team and offers insight into how individual characteristics like personality and emotional intelligence, shape responses to stress.

It also offers tools and cognitive exercises to develop solutions tailored to the individual.

Medibio is currently seeking additional business opportunities to satisfy American markets and is focusing on C-suite, Pharma Companies and mental wellness programs. The company recently announced the commencement of a clinical trial into the relationship between mental illnesses and sleep disturbances.


NPS MedicineWise is an Australian company that was established in 1998 as the National Prescribing Service (NPS) Limited. The development of the MedicineWise App has seen people and their carers keep track of their medicines and important health information anytime, anywhere, especially in emergencies.

The app allows people to create medicine and other health reminders, keep track of dosage, record medical tests and results, quickly access more information about medicines, easily switch from patient to carer mode and more.

The company recently uncovered that seven out of 10 Australians with asthma over the age of 12 may be prescribed too much preventative medicine, according to a peer-reviewed journal part of NPS MedicineWise.

The company is aiming to increase awareness to patients and carers about making sure their prescriptions and medical plans are always up to date.

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