The company has leveraged data insights to refocus its targeted marketing campaigns for high-growth channels.

Health tech company InteliCare Holdings (ASX:ICR) has provided a market update today on the strength of its multi-channel brand awareness campaign in the WA market.

The business reported a “highly successful” digital marketing campaign, which outperformed expectations across a number of key metrics.

The update formed part of InteliCare’s communication to shareholders surrounding its marketing strategy, based on the initial cost forecasts outlined in its marketing strategy.


Targeted campaigns

Providing an in-depth analysis of its successful reach in key marketing segments, ICR highlighted a sharp increase in website traffic following the campaign’s April 18 launch.

Commercials for InteliCare’s market-leading product were run across major metro TV networks, as well as regional TV, radio and the online advertising giants (Facebook and Google).

From average daily sites visits of less than 50, traffic to ICR’s website surged to more than 200 hits per day in late April and early May.

“In particular, website hits following the run of the TV commercial) are easily identifiable as significant spikes,” InteliCare said.

As a result, the company has increased the weighting of its TV advertising platform with a focus on the early evening news time slot (4-7pm), with a commensurate reduction in radio advertising.


Building awareness

The primary rationale behind ICR’s digital marketing strategy is to build awareness in B2C markets, in addition to its B2B channels.

Following a strong quarter of revenue growth in March, the company is now focused on the next phase of its scale up strategy for the broader rollout of it smart-home aged care technology platform.

“Smart home technology in the context of aged care is a new product category,” the company noted.

As a result, “most consumers are only vaguely aware that smart home technology provides an alternative to traditional alarm pendants and duress systems”.

“Awareness is low and market reach must be established before realising direct sales, especially in the consumer market.”

As well as broader awareness, InteliCare is also looking to capitalise on direct B2C sales opportunities – particular for customers who are eligible for government-funded home care packages.

“Additionally, the campaign has delivered significant insight into the demographics and media consumption by type of audience,” the company said.

More broadly, that ties in with InteliCare’s long-term strategy to develop the customer lifetime value (CLV) of each client, while reducing its customer acquisition costs (CAC) through a data-focused advertising strategy.

“In the long run, the company is targeting an LTV versus CAC ratio of 3:1,” InteliCare said.

This article was developed in collaboration with InteliCare, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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