The innovative aged care tech company has locked into the lucrative global wearables market, syncing its tech with a huge range of leading smart health brands worldwide.

Aussie-listed InteliCare Holdings (ASX:ICR) has opened up an entirely new vertical, entering the popular wearables market through a new global partnership with leading Canadian digital health company Persona Informatics.

The partnership will see InteliCare sync its tech with more than 60 Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved devices including some of the big name brands like FitBit, Garmin and iHealth.

With roughly one in five Australians owning a wearable fitness tracker and about a quarter using a mobile app or website to monitor their activity levels and health, the market is increasingly popular here at home and growing worldwide.

And sales are predicted to continue expanding over the next five years especially InteliCare’s key demographic – for people aged over 60.


Instant syncing and immediately available

Through the partnership, InteliCare’s technology will become immediately available on existing wearable devices, enabling real-time reporting and insights of personal health metrics for older Australians.

Detailed biometric information including reads on blood pressure, weight, respiration, body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygenation, blood glucose and activity levels  – it’s all automatically synced from these devices to InteliCare’s smart home and predictive analytics app, InteliLiving.®

The tech provides clients with a 360° overview of health and wellness.

This real time data can then also be viewed by carers, health professionals and family members with an aim to monitor and to prevent medical episodes and their consequences before they even happen.

Nick Egarhos, Co-Founder, Chief Partnerships and Strategy Officer of Persona Informatics said the partnership marked an important milestone in the company’s innovation strategy.

“We have entered an era where valuable health data can be effectively generated and collected outside the traditional healthcare system. Bridging this gap between the day-to-day lives of at-risk patients and their care providers is a game changer for the industry.”

“As market leaders and innovators, the synergies between Persona and InteliCare are an obvious value multiplier for both our customers and our companies,” he added.


Health metric credentials

The Persona Informatics partnership provides further validation for InteliCare’s health metrics which the company launched last year along with integration with FitBit

 Jason Waller, CEO and Managing Director InteliCare said the trend and behaviour data, alerts carers to ongoing and emerging health risks, empowering them to adapt client care accordingly and prevent health crises.

“The recent integration of over 60 health devices demonstrates our ongoing commitment to produce an industry-leading product. Now we are able to empower organisations and individuals with a 360-view of health and wellness.”

“These updates are of particular importance to health and care services which are striving to digitise and innovate their services as Australia transitions into a post-pandemic future,’ Waller said.

By tracking health data, carers can identify trends which are indicative of impending health emergencies.

For example, the iHealth Air Pulse Oximeter, one of the newly compatible devices, displays and records blood oxygen. Low blood oxygen levels are an indicator of COVID, even when the client is otherwise asymptomatic. The system grants health care workers instant and accurate access to critical information which empowers them to de-escalate health risks for their clients.

Which is – in many cases – an absolute lifesaver.

This article was developed in collaboration with InteliCare, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

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