Following on from decades of medical research, Nutritional Growth Solutions is working to ensure children get all the nutritional vitality to achieve their optimal height.

Paediatric nutritional products provider Nutritional Growth Solutions (ASX:NGS), is working to ensure children reach their potential height through their scientifically-formulated, clinically-proven and patented products.

Independent non-executive chairman David Fenlon said their nutritional products have been developed over a 20 year-period by physicians at the world-renowned Schneider Children’s Medical Centre in Israel.

“They had been seeing patients come in and thought there has got to be a link between nutrition and child growth development,” Fenlon said.

“It has been proven that 80% of your height is determined by genetics and 20% can be influenced by a specific combination of nutrients.

“What the physicians have done over 20 years has been to formulate and patent a range of products which, when added to a child’s diet, fundamentally gives them a greater chance of growth.”


Sweet spot for growth

Fenlon said the company has its products broken up into three groups –  Healthy Heights® Grow Daily 3+, Healthy Heights® Grow Daily 10+ specially formulated for the different nutritional needs of boys and girls and an everyday nutritional children’s protein range, Healthy Heights® KidzProtein that includes both dairy and vegan formulas.

“We are at the sweet intersection between infant formula, food for special medical purposes and vitamins and supplements,” he said.

“Infant formula is a US$75 billion market, nutritional supplements are a US$150 billion market and food for special medical purposes is a US$14 billion market.”


Foundation built on expertise and clinical trials

NGS is headed by experienced CEO Liron Fendell, who has been with the company since it was founded.

The company is also made up of the original doctors who created the product range and directors with their individual expertise to support growth.

Fenlon said the products have been backed by clinical trials which found a significant improvement in children’s growth.

“Over a one-year, randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial of 200 children aged between three and nine those who consumed at least half of the intake we recommended over that period got that growth potential of between 14% and 34%,” he said.

“The placebo group still grew as we would expect for their age, but this was over and above the base growth.

“BMI didn’t go up, so a child stayed on the same curve which is important as lots of consumers may be concerned a supplement may bulk their child up.”


ASX obvious place to list

NGS listed on the ASX in October 2020. Fenlon said the ASX was the obvious bourse for NGS to list, with its support for smaller but growing companies.

“Based on all the external rankings we think the ASX is one of the top exchanges in the world and has a brilliant reputation,” Fenlon said.

“The investment community in Australia has a good understanding of well-being and the life sciences sector.

“The ASX also has some really good product quality brands which puts us in good company and adds to competition, which only makes you better.”


First shipments of Kiwi-made products to Australia and China

NGS has sent its first shipment of New Zealand manufactured Healthy Heights Grow Daily 3+ product of manufacturing partner NIG Nutritionals’ warehouse as it executes on its Asia-Pacific growth strategy.

The initial 15,000-unit production is being dispatched in five separate shipments to Australia and China to fulfill growing demand with Chemist Warehouse in China, UltraHealth and Australia Sunshine.

The shipments will see the registered trademarked Healthy Heights Grow Daily 3+ stocked through popular ecommerce platforms Alibaba Tmall,, Tik Tok, Lazada, Shopee, Koala and Little Red Book, as well as on shelves in Chemist Warehouse stores in China.

This article was developed in collaboration with Nutritional Growth Solutions, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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